Let’s Play Detective.

18 05 2021

Guest post by Puggg

One of the bills that made it through the Missouri legislature this year was a bill that would allow those who win Missouri Lottery prizes to remain anonymous, not have their names and identities released.

The bill’s sponsor is a black Democrat from North County.

As I will put it, the race to the dog biscuit starts now.



9 responses

18 05 2021
Alex the Goon

That same person won the lottery, and waited for the law to pass before claiming the ticket?

19 05 2021

I’ll use a comment on one of my own posts to let everyone know that I myself heard that Babel ad about learning foreign languages, the one where it said that you could learn German to go for a new job.

20 05 2021

The real reason to learn German is so that God can understand you.

Babbel’s parent company is based in Berlin, so that they’re so linguistically chauvinistic is no surprise. What Germans are not unfortunately wrt their language is jealous. You saw it when you were here, how much English you see. And I can assure you that that’s not just a function of Frankfurt being a capital-commerce city.

I know the answer to your question here, but I’m falling back and keeping zipped to see if someone will get it.

22 05 2021
Alex the Goon

Are your autobot call centers as cucked as ours, where they answer “Press one for English”, as compared to our “Ballabba balabla Ocho para continuar en espanol” ?

23 05 2021

Thankfully no. Here’s a hint: The Subcontinent was never a German colony.

22 05 2021
Hard Right

Press “1” for English and get some streetshitter who can’t speak English.

22 05 2021
Hard Right

Clay County: 72yo farmer stops to help 19yo good boy with a flat.

You’ll never guess what happens next.


23 05 2021
Alex the Goon

Not guilty. Farmer probably called someone a nigger in the past.

23 05 2021

Okay nobody’s going to try any more guesses, so I’ll say what I think is the right answer:

Use your favorite search engine and look up “lottery winner murdered.”

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