It’s Their Way Of Defunding The Police.

24 05 2021

Guest post by Puggg

You’ve all seen it by now if you’re from around here.

Everyone keeps saying that they have to face consequences?

But why? All they’re doing is following their leaders who want to defund the police, abolish the police, close jails, close prisons. Those things seem to be a winning political recipe nowadays in certain areas, yet the people who win somehow think that a small group jumping up and down on top of an SLMPD cruiser is so wrong?



7 responses

25 05 2021
25 05 2021
Hard Right

Damn coalburners….

26 05 2021
Alright Dan
27 05 2021

one of the fox2 interviewees who lived in the apartment said all she saw where kids trying to have fun. im surprised wash ave still exists with all covid shutdowns.

27 05 2021
Hard Right

28 05 2021
2 06 2021

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