Pop Goes the Squad Pinata

24 05 2021

Washington, D.C.

Back in 2018, when the progressivetard insurgency (“The Squad” in Trump parlance) really started up, I wrote back then that, in spite of what would seem to be almost no real differences between a progressivetard insurgent and the establishment Democrat he or she is trying to replace, and also that they would have close to 100% the same legislative voting record, when there is that kind of internecine frission and fission within a political sector or party, and the two sides seem alike, you can bet on some taboo unmentionable factors being behind the curtains as the heat and energy source. I remembered that much from the Tea Party Movement days.

In the case of The Squad, I also wrote back then, those taboo factors were Israel and the military-industrial complex, the major differences between them and the establishmentarians they were/are challenging. The former group being against, the latter for.

For awhile, and mainly to stay united in the face of Trump, the pro-Israel/MIC Democrat establishment and the anti-Israel/MIC Squad has kept those differences so silent that even I thought they kissed and made up on such things.

But now, as we can all see in the last few weeks, those old taboo frissions are busting back open, and wide open in front of the curtains for all to see.



One response

27 05 2021

trump was really the glue that held the dnc together. which doesnt seem to bode well for 2024 whover the rnc picks.

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