Fauci and the Third Loose End

8 06 2021

Washington, D.C.

Now the receipts.

Or, to borrow Fred Thompson’s line for Howard Baker, we now know for sure what Fauci knew and when he knew it. And because of the receipts, we also know that and when he was lying in public.

This also is the third loose end.

Me, November 9, 2020, on why “they” hated Trump all along:

China. Official America in both the public and private sphere is just way too invested in China to tolerate this or any White House treating Beijing like an economic adversary.

And then, me, on March 22, on why “they” were manufacturing hysteria about anti-Asian hate crimes:

The establishment is trying its best to dampen any official energy behind blaming Beijing and the CCP for the Wuhan virus, so as to prevent economic retaliation and decoupling, and any such actions of course would force Beijing to reciprocate. It’s because too many “important” Americans are too invested in China.

So, let’s loop this back around to Fauci. He lied repeatedly, because China.

This is all about China. Specifically, that so many important or powerful individuals, firms and institutions have so much China in their portfolios.


There’s another loose end.

It goes back to our sector’s perennial frustration with the Trump years. The fact that he ever trusted the kind of people who always had it out for him or at least never wanted any part of him. Fauci, Paul Ryan, among many others. Not to mention types like Kushner, who mostly did wrong by his administration even though they actually didn’t mean it or its chief executive literal harm.

Even before the receipts, there was plenty of good evidence against trusting Fauci and basically letting him run Covid from the moment that it seemed like Covid was going to be that big of a problem. Not the least of which was his stellar record on AIDS, which, coincidentally, was “born” in terms of medical and public consciousness 40 years ago this month. (Though its backstory is more extensive and has a St. Louis angle.) Scott Atlas was there all along, and he should have been given the ball. But it’s that the medical, media and public health establishment loved Fauci so much more, and Trump loves his own name next to praise. As far as that went, now we know why everyone “important” was so much in love with Fauci.




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8 06 2021

Now that the receipts are coming in on Fauci, there are now rumblings in this country about Fauci’s German analogue, that being Christian Drosten.

Spoiler alert: He’s on the take, he’s been lying, he should have never been trusted, and there was evidence from the get-go that he wasn’t to be trusted.

8 06 2021
Hard Right

Big flap in your sector over Anglin’s Yellow Fever:


Roissy was letting him have it on gab:


Couldn’t find the one I was looking for. You can only see about five messages if you’re not a member. Can’t see any of the comments.

Short version: You can hate chinks and kikes at the same time.

8 06 2021
Alex the Goon

The truly gifted can hate niggers too, but any more than that requires a degree in interdimensional calculus.
I dont know gab’s angle. Lurkers will either create a useless dormant account, or tax the servers by hitting Refresh every 5 minutes, or just not even bother.

9 06 2021
Hard Right

Stop attacking science, Count.

10 06 2021
Hard Right

Covid: Twitter suspends Naomi Wolf after tweeting anti-vaccine misinformation


She also compared Dr Anthony Fauci, the top Covid adviser in the US, to Satan to her more than 140,000 followers.

Most recently, she tweeted that the urine and faeces of people who had received the jab needed to be separated from general sewage supplies while tests were done to measure its impact on non-vaccinated people through drinking water.

Wonder if she’s a TERF?

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