Gotta Use Protection

21 06 2021

Munich; St. Louis

They say that history doesn’t exactly repeat itself, but it rhymes.

So too does the news.

I’m following two different soap operas on two different continents that both involve some political entity enacting some sort of right-of-center legislation that is overtly stated to be some sort of protective measure, and both of them busted wide open today.

Let’s start in the native city.

Channel 4:

St. Louis City, County file joint lawsuit aiming to block Missouri’s controversial gun law

As disputes over the new Missouri gun law continue to heat up, St. Louis City and St. Louis County filed a joint lawsuit Monday in Cole County Circuit Court, seeking to block the newly-signed House Bill 85, termed the “Second Amendment Preservation Act.”


The joint release from the city and county says the legislation makes Missouri a sanctuary state for gun violence, and unconstitutionally hampers law enforcement.

Now do immigration.

“This new law is like the state holding out a sign that says ‘Come Commit Gun Violence Here,’” said St. Louis County Executive Dr. Sam Page. “We can’t expect people to stay in St. Louis or to move their businesses here if we don’t do everything we can to reduce gun violence in the region, but this new law sends the opposite message to our residents and business community.”

You can already see what’s being prefigured. They’re fixing to pawn the blame for every violent “gun” crime and business closure in Bell Curve City on HB 85.

And as far as “holding out a sign,” well, Page, that boat has already done floated down the river. The Ferguson and Floyd Effects have seen to that. Gardner and Bell certainly haven’t helped matters. But I’ll get to those two in a moment.

St. Louis City and County are seeking an injunction, but ultimately hope to overturn the law on constitutional grounds. They are arguing that HB 85 is in violation of the U.S. Constitution Supremacy Clause, which states federal law preempts state law.

HB 85 is more or less about Missouri’s state or local LEAs shouldn’t tell the Feds. Now, what I think is going on here is that Jones and Page are basically confessing that Gardner and Bell will just throw those police reports into File 13, so if there’s anything gun-related, they have to go to the U. S. Attorney. They’re scared that that option is going to be cut off if HB 85 takes effect and is interpreted as literally as they fear.

But there could be a wild card that comes out of left field: BLM. You think they’re going to be happy when they find out that Jones and Page want to see to it that the cops in St. Louis City and County can still talk to the Feds on gun matters, thereby continuing the dindu-to-Federal prison pipeline? But of course the wild card to that wild card is that the U. S. Attorney for St. Louis is probably by now someone that * appointed, which means that, whoever he or she is, it’s going to be someone who is too woke to want to put dindus in Federal joints on gun cases.

This one’s going to last for awhile.

Now, here’s one that will be resolved by Wednesday night, my time. From this country and continent.

Hungary has recently enacted laws against LGBTQ-BLT-BBQ-LOL propaganda to minors. Of course, this has LGBTQ-BLT-BBQ-LOL upset, the same people who insist that they’re not proselytizing to or recruiting minors. Anyway, as you also know, Euro 2020 is going on. Germany’s third and final “pool” game is Wednesday night (my time) against Hungary, at Allianz Stadium in Munich. Now, Bavaria is CSU-run and probably the most socially conservative Federal state in Germany. But Munich is SPD-run, and moderately liberal on social issues. But liberal enough to be pro-LGBTQ-BLT-BBQ-LOL. And, Allianz Stadium, remember, is the one which can do the color changing exterior.

Guess what colors the mayor of Munich and other important city officials want it to be on Wednesday night.

Now, UEFA, the governing body of European soccer, and the organizers of the Euro tournament, have said no way. Their reasoning is that they don’t want soccer so closely wound up with conventional politics. Though, once again, that boat has already done floated down the river. Because you can’t turn your head without officially organized soccer on this continent being used as a political bludgeon against “racism” and in support of “refugees.” So I can understand Munich’s frustration with UEFA discovering political agnosticism all of a sudden.

I have a prediction on how Wednesday will go:

UEFA will put their foot down and say no. Munich will go on ahead and do it anyway. Hungary boycotts and forfeits the game. Cue outrage enough for everyone, for the rest of the week.

Incidentally, one of the players on the Hungarian team wants Munich to go all rainbow, because he’s opposed to the legislation in “his” country. But you’ll note the quotes around “his” — The problem is, his current club is RB Leipzig (that’s a whole soap opera of its own), and he was born in Kaiserslauten, RP, in this country, to a Hungarian father and a Polish mother, and lives full time in this country. But, since his Hungarian father means a Hungarian passport, he plays internationally for Hungary. Otherwise, he’s not emotionally attached to Hungary.

His last name?


No relation.

Didn’t I just say that these things rhyme?



8 responses

22 06 2021

UEFA said its final NEIN to the Munich rainbow. And Markus Söder came out today in favor of it.

22 06 2021

The same UEFA that has told Munich no rainbow stadium will not sanction Die Mannschaft’s captain for wearing a rainbow armband because it’s a symbol of diversity, not political.

The best way this can end is for Hungary to win the politics of this.

22 06 2021
David In TN

Frontpagemag rips (’re-not-daniel-greenfield/) former Bush 43 speechwriter Michael Gerson for endorsing CRT. Gerson whines about being “created by White Privilege when growing up in St, Louis.”

Gerson moans and moans about the White Flight that produced the neighborhoods, schools, etc he had growing up in St. Louis in the 70s.

22 06 2021
Alex the Goon

Hungary boycotts and forfeits the game.
Germany should be disqualified if they go brokeback. I’m surprised UEFA would be taking this stand though, after the entire sports world has been getting on their knees for the blacks.

23 06 2021

There’s a part of me that actually wishes that Hungary would boycott and forfeit. But that will probably do more harm than good.

23 06 2021

Berlin basically declared war against Hungary today.

It got so bad that earlier today, Viktor Orban canceled his trip to Munich tonight for the game.

24 06 2021

After all this hoopla.

A tie.

That’s the outcome you knew this would have.

Not as much extracurricular excitement as I was expecting.

My two best friends were both asleep by five minutes after this thing started. So maybe I’m not going to be a soccer dad after all.

27 06 2021

The tie meant that Die Mannschaft made the knockout stage (playoffs), and their first game is Tuesday vs England in London. Which means it’ll be its last game. But it’ll give me one more chance to gauge the two best friends, because, the last game, they were both asleep by five minutes after the start.

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