Ich Liebe Es Zu Sein Papi

22 06 2021

The Nursery

My two best friends in the world turn six months old today, already. A year of living between the two of ’em.

The way things have worked out, the halfway mark between their birthdays will always be close to and sometimes on the American Father’s Day, even though Germans celebrate Vatertag in the month of May corresponding with Ascension Day, as they extend the analogy of a son reuniting with his father secularly. Ascension Day is always 40 days after Easter Sunday, which means it could range from April 30 to June 3, so it’s almost always in the month of May. This year it was on the Thursday after Mother’s Day, (Germany and the United States both do second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day/Mutertag), meaning that with the two being so close to each other, Vatertag seemed anticlimactic.

Plain words, I don’t think I’ll ever get out of the habit of third Sunday in June being Father’s Day.

Since they started showing emotion, my two best friends in the world do a lot of laughing at their goofy father. Whereas before, they kinda acted like they were scared of me.

I wouldn’t have them any other way.

And I know in the next half year, they’re going to start to go mobile, and be joined by a boy first cousin eight months their junior. Onward and upward, always. But I’m gonna miss these little babies when they’re gone, and all that’s left are the whiny pouting brats I know they’ll be in their third year of life.

And now I know the more mid-term future, which means I’m already pricing soccer cleats. I’m just as big of a hypocrite as anyone, I guess. I’ll fume about ZOMG SPORTSBALL CUCKS LOL~!!!!!1 as much as anyone in the sector, but, provided I’m still living, if one or both of them are scoring goals for Die Mannschaft in the 2046 World Cup, I’ll be right there in the first row cheering them on.

All that said, both the better half and I are glad we got in all the living and having fun in life that we wanted before procreating, and that we didn’t do it either with each other or separately with someone else, until we were both good and ready to handle the (as it turned out, many many many) consequences and sacrifices.

It’s why I say to those of you who are younger or young-ish and reading this: Yes, they make life worth living, they really do. But they’re a job and a half by themselves, even more so if they’re twins. Don’t do it if you’re not truly ready for everything, that is, if you intend on being a good parent.

Yet and still…the post title.



4 responses

22 06 2021

If you think I’m letting out a dog whistle here, then you’re right. Let’s see if anyone figures it out. I’m guessing that it’ll be easier for you to figure it out if you are or ever were married with infant children.

23 06 2021
Alright Dan

It’s been awhile?

27 06 2021

And you know it.

I’m starting to think that the last good or good-ish sex that either one of us will have ever had was the sex that made them. It’s a good thing that they’re the most important entities in our lives.

22 06 2021

One fortunate thing, that we both hope holds out until this stage of their lives is over: One will wake you up in the middle of the night for the reasons that one needs, while two will do it twice as much. But here’s how we have lucked out: Almost always, they tend to go off at the same time. Which means that, for the most part, they’re two, but only interrupt our sleep as if they were just one. It’s as if they have some kind of programming, that when one has something wrong, the other will suddenly find a problem.

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