Bad Hydrological Juju, Maybe?

27 06 2021


What is it with Eastern African people and the Main River?

Two years ago, it was the Eritrean Successful Model of Integration (TM) at Frankfurt Central Station. And now, it’s the motive unclear Allah-u-Akbar Somalian.

Of course, we know that this one will probably be just as successful in using the insanity defense as was the Eritrean.

But, I dunno, I’m starting to think that cities along the Main are just no place for East Africans to be. It’s gotta be something in the water.


Yesterday’s and today’s new developments:

(1) All three of the fatal victims (so far) are women, so expect Official Germany to spin this to “misogyny,” just as the Orlando nutbar five years ago was spun to “homophobia” because it was at a gay nightclub.

(2) A slightly tragic irony: It took place at Barbarossaplatz in Würzburg, and two weeks ago was the 80th anniversary of the start of Operation Barbarossa.

(3) The exact retailer is Woolworth, which is a name familiar to Americans of at least a certain age. Woolworth in the United States went out of business a long time ago, for the most part. But the Woolworth in Germany is a separate entity, and is still in existence, and doing as well as brick-and-mortar German retailers can.


“Zomg xenophobic backlash lol” season began today.

We also found out that most of the people at the Woolworth who scuttlebutted and detained him for the cops are themselves migrants, so of course Official Germany is going to honor them.

The insanity defense is already being implicitly prefigured, as various higher ups in the official organization of German psychiatrists is calling on better psychiatric care for “refugees” and “migrants.”


Ever since this weekend, German rightists have this new bilingual wordplay pun that I absolutely love, and you’d have to know enough German to grok it:

Black Lives Messer.

Speaking of, early this evening, in fact, within four hours, is Germany’s first knockout stage (playoff) game in Euro 2020, against England in London. Die Mannschaft is going to kneel for Black Lives Messer, so we’re not even going to watch one second of it, and we will not have it on the TV.


We’re at the stage now where real big developments are pretty much over and the new news is tangential, so:


The victims. As you can see, the funeral for the youngest was today.

Also, there is an unsubstantiated rumor that the Somalian has already murdered in the name of ISIS back in Somalia.

As you


The Somalian just got sent to the nuthouse today, which means that they’re officially going with “just a nut,” and also officially stuffing Islam under the rug.



5 responses

27 06 2021

I’ll bet they long for the days of the creepy Turk hanging around the train station.

27 06 2021
Alex the Goon

If they’re going to long, they should long for days a little while longer ago.

28 06 2021
David In TN

I am of that certain age of Americans familiar with Woolworth stores.

An F.W. Woolworth store was on Main Street in the Tennessee town I lived in as a child. It was referred to as “Woolworth’s” or “The Dime Store.” It had a lunch counter at which I had a soft drink many times.

At the front of the store, visible from the sidewalk was a coin-operated mechanical horse for children to ride. As a seven-eight year old I always called the Woolworth store “The Horse Store.”

I loved it.

29 06 2021

The one nearest me when I was a kid was on the corner of Cherokee and California in south St. Louis city. It closed in late 1992, partially because of the decline of American Woolworth in general, but mostly because of the decline of Cherokee Street and the blackening of the neighborhoods immediately around it. The last time I was ever that way, something like 2014, it was a Mexican/Latino grocery store, thanks to that part of the city getting a little patch of Latinos.

13 07 2021
Alex the Goon

Woolworths Detroit

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