The Future’s Not Ours to See

7 07 2021

Your Blogmeister’s German Desk

David Cole wrote parenthetically yesterday:

“…if one thing’s true of the “groyper” generation, it’s that it’s produced no new Jared Taylors or Peter Brimelows—genuine intellectuals who can handle these issues adroitly…”

I respond:

This makes me feel some kind of way. David Cole should know better.

The Groypers are generationally young, younger Millennials down to Generation Z. Would it have made sense to write back in 1970 that “there are no Jared Taylors or Peter Brimelows among the Boomers?” There actually was a Jared Taylor and a Peter Brimelow. It’s just that Jared Taylor wouldn’t become Jared Taylor until he was in his late 30s, and Peter Brimelow until later. Back in 1970, 19-year old Jared Taylor was backpacking around Africa, and Peter Brimelow, 23 that year, was probably still in college.

I think there actually are Jared Taylors and Peter Brimelows among late Millennials and Gen Z, though they might not fashion themselves as Groypers right now, and they might currently be either apolitical or on the enemy side. It’s that it’s going to be awhile until we know who they are. These kinds of things usually take time, and are almost always not the province of young people. Especially now, when people take longer to mature socially.

Que Sera Sera.



6 responses

7 07 2021
Alex the Goon

When your side is surrounded by multiple enemies in a hot rahowa, nothing is more important than having an eloquent spokesmodel to show how reasonable you can be.

8 07 2021
Hard Right

Nah, they’re just busy simping over the latest coalburner to join America First.

9 07 2021
Hard Right

Looks like he got netcopped.

9 07 2021
Hard Right

Couple hours before he got banned

9 07 2021
Hard Right

11 07 2021
Hard Right

FWIW, everything Patrick Casey said about Fuentes has turned out to be true. Unfortunately, it was told to him in private. It wasn’t supposed to be broadcast all over the Internet.

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