No Cigar Munchers Necessary

13 07 2021

I’m turning this into a blog post, because I want it to be a cautionary tale for the near future of our sector.

American Greatness:

In an era resounding with cries against elitists, the current ruling class knows they are in the populist crosshairs—and this targeting is coming from elements within both major parties. The situation is still manageable for them, but only if Left (Sanders supporters) and Right (MAGA) do not combine to curb the elitists in both the private and public sectors.

So how best to divide the opposition? Become strange bedfellows with the only party willing and able to go all the way to crony socialism: the Democrats and their DIE cult.


It is just common sense, however cruel: the current elite must prevent Left- and Right- populists from combining and devising and implementing the means to bring elites to heel; and, consequently, safeguard liberty, equality, and prosperity in our republic. In defiance of both parties’ populist movements, one witnesses the incestuous marriage of America’s current elite and the Democratic Party’s power brokers in the temple of the DIE cult. You weren’t invited. But they expect you to visit the registry and send a gift—or else.

In other words, the cabal of cigar munchers on the 115th floor are conspiring to keep the populist left and the populist right from fusing, out of self-preservation.

I have no doubt that the cabal of cigar munchers on the 115th floor would like to make sure that that sort of thing doesn’t happen, and they very likely feel some kind of way about both the populist left and the populist right discretely.

However, I think that the cigar munchers aren’t the proximate reason why the popleft and the popright can never truly fuse or even get along for longer than short spurts of time.

No, the real thing that will keep them apart is the very nature of the differences between the popleft and the popright.

It all comes down to identitarian matters; The popright is all about them to one extent or another, while the popleft is doggedly opposed to them.

Furthermore, each side believes that the other’s position on identitarian matters means that they’re useful idiots for the elites and therefore disingenuous about their populism. The popleft thinks that the cigar munchers either make up out of thin air or overdramatize differences between human beings to keep non-elites fighting with each other instead of fighting the cigar munchers, while the popright thinks that the cigar munchers are all about denying human distinctiveness and particularities, and that somehow and in some way (precisely how depends on which poprightist you’re talking to), forcing unity on people whose nature is to separate will be the mechanism that preserves cigar muncher privilege.

If you want a shortened version with much easier rhetorical algebra, the popleft thinks that the cigar munchers peddle racism to divide people to keep them from uniting against the cigar munchers, and therefore, the popright’s racism makes them useful idiots for the cigar munchers, while the popright thinks that the cigar munchers peddle anti-racism to (however they think the mechanics work), and therefore, the popleft’s anti-racism makes them useful idiots for the cigar munchers.

As you can see, the two arguments are each other’s inversions, or photographic negatives.

Since you know who you’re reading and on what medium, you can probably figure out which side I take, with some reservations.

I’ll also note that the above is both a simplification and a bit outdated.  Some elements of the self-styled populist left are full blown SJW/CRT/DEI/Woke, and in fact, integrate Wokeness as a central tenet of populism in the same way the older popleft did their (supposedly) colorblind anti-racism.  Meanwhile, there is an attempt on some elements of the populist right to fuse aracial civic nationalism with economic populism, which is all MAGA really is when you boil it all down.  Remember, decoupled from populism, the Woke left thinks that aracialism is a form of bigotry, while the aracial civnats think that the Woke are race-obsessed bigots.  And that doesn’t change just because each side also believes in economic populism, only in their case, they think that the other side’s worldview make them actual useful idiots for the elites who of course are said to have the same position.



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