The Ground Under Our Feet Has Moved That Much and That Quickly

18 07 2021

Oakton, Virginia

The ten year anniversary of its publication.

AR had two threads about it on Friday, and I want to use the opportunity of a whole blog post to write here what I wrote in one of those threads, with a few changes. Because I think it’s one of those “future of the sector” and “for the sake of posterity” things, but also for the fact that even at this late hour, a lot of our own people don’t understand the seismic shift that has happened under our feet.

When Jared Taylor started American Renaissance and the New Century Foundation in 1990, and for a majority of its history of existence, the objective was to prove on a monthly basis, and then, with the transition of the website into a daily weblog, daily basis, that race exists, and race is real. The purpose was to provide a steady stream of counter arguments to the “race isn’t real” or “it’s just a social construct with zero basis in biological reality” colorblind race neutral race denial narrative/zeitgeist.

But in very short order, within the last decade, pursuant with The Great Awokening, our enemies have done a total 180, and they have so zoomed so far past us in the race obsessiveness game, that AR’s founding objective seems like a moot point. Nobody outside the anthropology department and a few forked tongue disingenuous gaslighters in the media and the dying normiecon/center-right/civnat conurbation truly believes any longer that race isn’t real.

We used to be the race-obsessed people, but by today’s Critical Race Theory/Great Awokening standards, we’re relatively nonchalant about race. And all we did was stand still. Back then, being race-obsessed was bigotry; Today, not being race-obsessed is bigotry. We no longer have to combat race denialism, we have to combat our own photographic negative.

Our sector’s objective in the current year and epoch should be that, now that everyone admits that race exists, that there’s a path for white identity to be a positive, healthy and desirable construct.

To put it another way, and bankshotting off the book’s title, “white identity” in 2011 meant whites overtly and collectively taking their own side, which was and still remains out of bounds in polite mainstream society, while in 2021, it means the mainstream demand that we need to be overtly and collectively self-flagellating.

I offer as small and anecdotal evidence of this point, two articles I read on Thursday.

One was on AR, about Berniece King objecting to Republican efforts to juxtapose MLK’s name with opposition to Critical Race Theory. The other was on ESPN, the history of the whole Arizona/MLK Day/Super Bowl controversy about thirty years ago, in light of this year’s MLB moving the ASG from Atlanta to Denver because of the voter fraud laws.

And if you read both, then you understand the contradiction, and also understand how much The Great Awokening has moved the ground from under our feet. Back then, MLK meant colorblindness and race denial, universal humanity. Those who wanted Arizona to celebrate MLK Day by name made the argument that MLK was for everyone. Now, you’re wrong for saying that MLK was for everyone and that he would have opposed CRT-style race obsessiveness, and now we’re supposed to read MLK as a through and through critical theorist.

Then again, I’m cynical enough to think that the whole colorblindness thing was a plastic banana all along, that the whole intention all along was to morph the whole project into critical theory, and that TPTB were just waiting for the right timing to pull the switch. As others have said, one or the other mentality had to be a deliberate lie all along.



4 responses

18 07 2021
Hard Right

18 07 2021

“Right timing to pull the switch”

Looking back on very recent history, that turned out to have been 2012. We know that The Great Awokening is nothing more than the set of long term consequences from the shit that Obama and Co. had to stir up to eke out re-election in 2012.

18 07 2021
David In TN

The Left always uses double talk and indirection. Out of one side of the mouth CRT “is just a theory” and “not important” which conservatives “use as a phony bogeyman.”

From the other side CRT “is necessary for white children to understand the unique evils of slavery and segregation.”

In the 1990’s the term “Political Correctness” was considered by some to be a “joke,” especially by Conservatism Inc. and the neocons. The Left encouraged this. So over time it became the approved line in the government, military, big business, etc.

The Left doesn’t want any special (national) publicity for black on white murders. To give an example (from comments in the Knoxville News-Sentinel), they said one day, the Christian-Newsom torture murders don’t deserve national attention because this horror was “rare.” The next day the same person said “crimes like this happen all the time.”

20 07 2021

The left doesn’t know whether to shit a brick or wind its watch.

Their strategy ranges on one extreme bookend that CRT does not and never has existed, and on the other that CRT is not only absolutely necessary, but a silver bullet and even a holy sacrament. With around a half dozen response strategies in between.

One of those “in between” strategies is that “it’s only a law school thing.” Well, really, if you’re engineering social changes from the top down, the best places to plant the seeds are in law schools. Duh.

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