20 07 2021

Your Blogmeister’s German Desk

Not that this actually has a good chance of happening.

But, after the Covid hysteria is over, and being mindful of the history of denazification in this country, most of the countries in this world need a good thorough desalemification campaign and effort.

Not only do we need to punish the supposedly rational important people who acted so irrational and anti-scientific, which in turn fueled the societies-wide fires of paranoia, we also need to find out why they did.

That so many such people did in such a big way suggests to me a big motive.

One hot theory, among both the people in that crowd who have already self-desalemified, and among the people who were rational and science-informed all along observing the Covid cult and never went to Salem, is that the root cause of the paranoia was a visceral reaction to Trump. I’m sure that there was some of that. But I don’t think Trump by himself is a big enough or sexy enough explanation to something this yuge and bigly. I do think that Trump plays into what I believe to be the real reason, but, by himself, he’s not the proximate causation.

I think the real driving factor is the fact that just about everyone knew from the get-go, even if they didn’t admit it openly at first, that China was the genesis of the virus. The only open question was whether it was the wet markets or the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Like I wrote here back in November in my thinking out loud post about why TPTB had it out for Trump all along, one of the possible big picture reasons is that the United States and now much of the world is now too China-dependent to tolerate conventional politics that risk a trade war with Beijing.

My current pet theory is that the proximate causation of all the flying in the face of science and rationality official Covid hysteria of the last year and a half is somehow rooted in China’s increasing economic uber-importance to the global economy, and the worry about not pissing Beijing off.

Read it and weep.



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20 07 2021

You can take this as a hint that, while, as you can see, I initially didn’t affix that much importance to the China theory about why TPTB had it out for Trump all along, recent news has caused me to promote it to the leading theory.

20 07 2021

If you’ve been reading my social feeds, then you know I’ve been predicting for several weeks that the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea were the last Olympics ever. What made me predict that is the constant teetering on the brink of the games in Tokyo, which are supposed to start on Friday, and already delayed a year. The next ones are the 2022 Winters in Beijing, and a lot of the world will probably boycott it because, well, censored virus news. And with so many Olympics delayed or being half-attended, this would get the world used to not doing Olympics, and it’ll all fall apart.

Note: The 2032 Summer Olympics, which probably won’t happen, have already been awarded to Brisbane, Australia. The region where I live put in a serious bid, but one that the IOC didn’t accept.

Anyway, my prediction has come one major step closer to happening as of today.

20 07 2021
David In TN

I recall reading somewhere during the 1980s the reason the US TV networks liked the Olympics were due to the enormous audience/TV ratings the games would get.

Now, well into the 21st Century, with more “entertainment options,” other than sitting in front of the TV this wouldn’t be true anymore.

Plus, the alluded to difficulties putting them on anyway.

20 07 2021

Then there is the growing bottom line. These things are getting more and more expensive to hold. The 2022 Winters, supposed to be in Beijing, only had one other credible bid, that being from Almaty, Kazakhstan. 2024 in Paris and 2028 in L.A. panned out that way because the only two bids for 2024 were Paris and L.A., and nobody had yet bid for 2028, so the solution was to give Paris ’24 and L.A. ’28. The 2026 Winters (if they happen) will be in Milan and Cortina d’Ampezzo, and then, the only other bid was Stockholm. The 2030 Winters have only four serious bids, and three of them have already held Winters, the one that hasn’t, Barcelona, has previously hosted a Summer. The main reason for the paucity of interested bidding cities and regions is, like I said, the cost.

20 07 2021
Alex the Goon

How enthusiastic were Americans for the 1860 Olympics?

21 07 2021
21 07 2021

Another chronic problem for Olympics is that the selection processes for most of them seem to result in full employment bills for prosecutors. It’s the same with soccer World Cup host countries. It’s just the nature of the process — When the decisions are subjective and left to the discretion of one or more individuals, bribery and corruption are almost as inevitable as the sun rising in the east.

So, mash everything together: Expenses, white elephant venue problem, security headaches, corruption, geopolitical headaches, and increasingly, wokeness, and also in the present, the Covid hysteria, are converging like a perfect storm.

If I’m wrong and the Olympics continue into the future, they will probably rotate among a small number of cities that can handle all the problems. Los Angeles, as an example, would be in the summer rotation, because it doesn’t have to worry about white elephant venues.

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