St. Louis and Stuttgart Are Official Sister Cities

20 07 2021

Therefore, it should be no surprise that just about the same story happened at just about the same time in both places.



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20 07 2021


20 07 2021
20 07 2021

In somewhat related news, the W’burg Somalian just got sent to the nuthouse today, which means that they’re officially going with “just a nut,” and also officially stuffing Islam under the rug.

20 07 2021
David In TN

In other news from St. Louis, Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner’s office had three murder cases dismissed within a week due to “absent or unprepared city prosecutors.”

Two have been refiled, but one defendant was still free on Monday. It seems Gardner can’t persuade her deputies to show up in court. Isn’t “criminal justice reform wonderful?”

From the Post-Dispatch it seems there has been a more than 100 % turnover in the Circuit Attorney’s office since she took over in 2017. Most of them quit before being fired, one assumes.

More than 100 %? What was it, 150 %, 175 %?

What kind of lawyers does Gardner hire?

20 07 2021

I was going to mention that here as a comment, or a separate posting.

It is more than 100% because the new ones that come in have also left, mostly quit. Gardner is firing some of them, but most of them have quit on their own because of the thankless environment.

And most of the reason why the environment there in Gardner’s office is thankless is because there’s an impasse between it and the SLMPD. She declared war on the SLMPD, and they responded by not cooperating with the Circuit Attorney’s office and the Assistant Circuit Attorneys. For awhile, the SLMPD could send case files to the other end of Downtown, the Federal Attorney’s office, and they would take up the case if there were any Federal law violations involved. But with Biden coming in and a new Federal attorney coming in, that option isn’t as fruitful as it used to be.

By now, the only people who are Gardner’s ACAs are those who have no other or better options in the law profession.

21 07 2021

But we both know her priorities: The McCloskeys and Eric Greitens.

14 09 2021
Black Triangles | Countenance Blog

[…] Similar to this, we have yet another incident of very similar stories happening at close to the same time but far away from each other. […]

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