Fermi’s Paradox Meets the Current Year

23 07 2021

Your Blogmeister’s German Desk

Inspired by the current year, I’ve come up with three more solutions to Fermi’s Paradox:

(1) Advanced civilizations don’t stay advanced for long, because they get Woke. And eventually, start sacrificing their advanced qualities for the sake of the less advanced subspecies groups of the advanced species of their planet. As they might say on Fezelinigiblauten-9, “Ykjdhjewahuhfdjahfdhufd Lives Matter.”

(2) Advanced civilizations gradually self-abolish because they eventually become so prosperous and technologically advanced that the lifestyle comfort combined with the never ending (“24/7” in Earthling parlance) news cycle hysteria makes individuals of the advanced civilization afraid of their own shadows, afraid to take any risks, afraid to do anything that hints of detaching from connected devices and leaving their residential dwellings, and most critically and thanks to the #MeToo/feminist movement on Fezelinigiblauten-9, afraid of sex and reproduction.

(3) Advanced civilizations quickly collapse out of inordinate fear of a microscopic lifeforms that evolve into a temporary version that at worst kill 20% of one of its genders of beings that are both of advanced elderly age and having known risk factors that make them particularly susceptible to the infection of that lifeform.



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