Supremacy, Or Lives Matter

23 07 2021


Really, now.

The reaction to this will depend on which species has more intersectional pokemon points. From there, we’ll hear either “supremacy” a lot, or “lives matter” a lot.

This mentions that this kind of inter-species violence is rare, and that more often, the violence is intra-species. Gee, that sounds awfully congruent to something else we’re told all the time.

One more irony is that one of the two headline institutions of this research is Osnabrück University. Just north of there are what scholars now believe were the battlefields for the Battle of Teutoberg Wald.



7 responses

23 07 2021
Hard Right

It’s because of Global Warming.

“If you study chimpanzees, you come to expect that any squabble can quickly turn lethal, which is a testament to their excitability but also their incredible speed and power,” Mayhew, who wasn’t involved in the study, explained in an email.

Just like Bellcurvius africanus criminalis

23 07 2021
Alex the Goon

If you really want to see a chimpout, let them hear you say the word “chimpout”.

30 07 2021

sorry blogmeister for the request

but can Pugg give insight to Barton’s resignation? seems like she got her promotion after filing a discrimination complaint then engaged in racial discrimination thats now coming to a head.

dunno if this is factual but the reporting is shoddy.

1 08 2021

Yes, one of her problems, as we dogs like to put it, is that she bit the hand that fed her. I can also tell you that morale in the County Browns is pretty low, with a combination of it having a lot of North County in its jurisdiction and Wesley Bell and his revolving door.

5 08 2021

Thanks for the info! I thought this was the case but my political gut instincts aren’t very reliable. there’s definitely a difference up here with page and bell than with stenger and mccolloch.

i do see a lot more county browns mixed in with hazelwood/florissant pd.

4 08 2021

On this subject, this pic was part of a meme in our sector back in something like 2015.

Entwicklelungsgeschichte is the old style spelling of the same word that is spelled today without the “el” in the middle. “Twick” = wind, “schict” = story. The whole word means “Evolutionary History.” And is presumably the title of the text where this page is found. Haeckel is the proper name of the text’s author, most, likely, that being:

4 08 2021
Hard Right

LOL. I remember that pic. Probably got it around here somewhere.

Speaking of monkeyshines, I’m surprised you guys didn’t cover Cori Bush camping out on the Capitol steps.

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