Crickets from the St. Louis Media

4 08 2021

CWE; Jefferson City; Berlin

McCloskeys pardoned.

Do you know that the German rightist (right of the CDU) media are way more interested in this news from my native city than the media in my native city?

At first, I thought they were running with a hoax or prank. Technically, when I first read it this morning my time, it had not legally happened.

But through the day today, it did.

What evidently happened is that someone got some sort of leading indicator, hit upload, and German rightists got really interested in it acutely.

I shouldn’t be more informed about important news from my native city from Junge Freiheit, a publication founded in the Black Forest and now based in Berlin, than I am from Channels 2, 4, 5 and the P-D.



8 responses

4 08 2021
David In TN

Rep. Billy Long was on Tucker Carlson Tuesday night and announced his candidacy for Roy Blunt’s Senate seat. He joins a crowded field which includes Mark McCloskey.

Long reminds me of a Tennessee politician. His name is William Long, but calls himself Billy. I’ve seen more Tennessee politicians than I can count use this folksiness ploy, if that’s what it is.

For example, Albert Gore Jr. was always “Al Gore.” Another Ivy League Tennessee politician, Lamar Alexander, wore a checked shirt for one election.

5 08 2021

Billy Long’s district is southwest Missouri. He replaced Roy Blunt in the House when he moved up to the Senate in 2010, and now he’s looking to do the same in the Senate. And I’m not impressed with him at all, from my recollection. Actually, I’m not overly impressed with any of the announced candidates.

5 08 2021
Hard Right

Hmm. I’m getting scooped by a guy from Tennessee. I had to look up who is running. Vicky Hartzler. LMAO.

6 08 2021
Hard Right

We live in a police state, so I don’t particularly care who gets picked for the Länderkammer. Now that I think about it, Hartzler would be the “perfect” choice to replace Blunt. She’s never done anything and always votes the way the leadership tells her to vote. I’d vote for McCloskey as a protest vote, but I don’t think he’ll be around long. Otherwise, I’d vote for Greitens. Cucks hate him.

But some Republicans fear that Greitens could emerge from a crowded primary field and put at risk a safe Republican seat, much as Republican Todd Akin did when he lost to Democrat Claire McCaskill nearly a decade ago.

4 08 2021

Two different real big stories here involving LEAs that have ate up the top of the headlines, one that thing on the McKinley Bridge and the other that North County thing involving a forensic tech for the County Browns hiding a suspect. But that Congress Woman Cori Bush took time away from her camping out on the Capitol steps to get her face on national and local TV to yell about how outraged she is about this pardon.

5 08 2021

I’m guessing all the outrage has worn itself out, and that Parson held back for the right timing.

6 08 2021
Hard Right

There’s no moratorium on property taxes, you stupid nigger.

6 08 2021
Hard Right

Maxine Waters’s little sister

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