Missouri’s Statehood Bicentennial

10 08 2021

Jefferson City

Change a few inches four years and a half month ago, and I would have been there today at the official celebration and observance.

One of the popular readings of American history is that all that which was necessary for what happened two centuries ago today to happen was the proximate causation of the War Between the States.

But if you, like me, believe in the Irrepressible Conflict theory for the WBTS, then you’ll inherently understand that, while the Missouri Compromise was at best a precipitating cause, it was not a proximate cause. If not the Missouri Compromise, it would have been something else.

As an aside, the political province in which I now live turns 75 years old this year. However, the relatively unnatural German federal state of North Rhine Westphalia was purely a creation of British military occupiers, with no thought of or need to compromise in any sort of major way.



5 responses

10 08 2021

The ceremony will stream on this channel, they’re saying it starts at 9 AM there, 4 PM here. I’ll be able to watch for about the first half hour, provided it starts on time. My experience in that very city tells me it won’t.


10 08 2021
Hard Right

I remember the sesquicentennial when I was in grade school. Spent about two weeks studying history and geography. No telling what they’re teaching kids during the bicentennial. Goddam I’m getting old.

10 08 2021
Hard Right

Cori Celebrates the Bicentennial

11 08 2021
Hard Right

Now do something about Censorship and Vaccine Mandates. Do it for the Bicentennial.

11 08 2021

Like I said, I watched the first half hour. From what I saw, there was something about there used to be slavery.

Of course, slavery ended before Missouri turned the whole number chronological age that I am now.

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