Fountain of No Youth

12 08 2021

St. Louis City

Census drops numbers.

The native city is now down to 301,578 warm bodies.

Most shockingly, and, according to this narrative, inexplicably, is the 20% decline in the under-18 population.

My native city’s favorite alt-right blogging son to the rescue, from far away.

Seriously, this isn’t that hard.

Restricting the conversation to white people and black people for simplicity, and for the fact that there aren’t that many of the other groups in the city, neither group finds the city conducive for children anymore, albeit for disparate reasons. Both the kind of white people that have or want to have children and the kind of black people that have or want to have children won’t be living in the city, the St. Louis Public Schools being the common point of frustration, again for disparate reasons. Another complicating factor is AFFH-style programs, who will steer certain kinds of Section 8 voucher holders (mainly single black women with children) away from the city and therefore away from the SLPS.

Which means, increasingly, and by default, the city is becoming a province of: (1) Gays and lesbians, who, other than the relatively infrequent cases of adoption or artificial insemination, won’t become parents, (2) Young intentionally childless hetero yuppie type couples, (3) Elderly black people, esp. women.



One response

12 08 2021

Jefferson down 4.7 % from 2010 to 2020. That really does shock me. That’s where my feet and my eyes are most of the time. My guess would have been right around holding steady with no growth or loss.

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