My Rushton to Judgment

18 08 2021

Downtown St. Louis

I’ve kept this thing at the St. Louis City Justice Center in the corner of my eye, and how it relates to the politics of closing the Workhouse.

To me, it’s as easy as understanding this fifteen-year old blog post, from the blogger who used the pen name La Griffe du Lion, who was most likely J. Phillipe Rushton. If you don’t want to wade through the math, all that’s saying is that the more lenient the criminal justice system becomes, the wider the race gap between blacks and whites (restricting the conversation to those only for the sake of simplicity) will become. Because if you’re only going to arrest and incarcerate for serious violent offenses, then, those are the ones with the biggest B-W gaps. Taking the “ticky tack” offenses away from the purview of the CJ system means disregarding offenses that, while they have B-W gaps for the most part, don’t have the mind-blowing wide B-W gaps that the “real violent” offenses do.

I think explaining the recent problems at the CJC relates to the same thing.

In this the era of BLM and The Great Awokening, when formal and informal reforms in both bail and law enforcement have meant that only the real bad apples are held in county joints without bail, this means that, provided the demographics of the county or county equivalent are BLM-y enough, the county jail will be a de facto state prison. If all you can hold are those arrested for the most violent offenses, then all you’ll have in county are those arrested for the most violent offenses, and for the most part, they actually committed those offenses, pending due process of the law, yadda yadda.

What it means is that county jails in black-heavy or -significant jurisdictions are becoming less and less jail-like and more and more prison-like, with the predictable day to day consequences.



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