Hatin’ On Jake

30 08 2021

Cleveland; Ferguson

There’s no really good apparent reason for all the hatred for Jake Paul’s boxing career and pursuits.

But there is a taboo reason: He and of course his brother Logan grew up in what is still a 90%+ white (Asians being the biggest non-white minority) and above average SES and household income suburb of Cleveland.

Jake Paul is getting serious in a sport known as “the sport of the dispossessed.” Boxing has a reputation for being a ladder up for young men who are actually or are perceived to be members of disadvantaged or marginalized or otherized racial and ethnic groups. Young men who have no other credible options to make a lot of money in life than to make a living taking repeated blows to the head.

So basically, the heat and energy source for people hating on Jake Paul’s boxing career is wokeness and social justice warriorism not taking too kindly to the fact that this “privileged” white man is hogging up a lane that should be filled by a BIPOC man. He has already made a nice career off of YouTube itself and ancillary pursuits that resulted from his YT exposure, and even if those never existed, both he and his brother were very unlikely to be destitute. As far as SJWs are concerned, Jake Paul and all the actual and figurative resources he is consuming in his boxing life are by definition and necessity keeping Jamarquavious stuck in the ghetto or Miguel barrio.

That, and his opponent last night, Tyron Woodley, is a native of the most holy SJW city, Ferguson, Missouri, though he’s not from the Ground Zero Fergaza Strip apartment farms part of southeast Ferguson, he’s from the mixed race working-middle class owner-occupied homeowner parts of it, which is most of Ferguson. Which means that last night’s event doubled as a political fight between perceived privilege and perceived disadvantage.



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30 08 2021

This reminds me a lot of the vitriol that Christian Laettner got. The difference is that his father was a plumber slash printing press mechanic, who also did volunteer janitorial work as part of being able to send Christian to a private high school in the Buffalo area. And that visibility got Christian into Duke.

30 08 2021

And yes, I’m now an uncle. Probably later this week, I’ll have a new entry in the RHOC series about it. As for now, I’m back on the road, just one more month of this grind before things calm down a stretch.

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