Under New Management (Maybe)

5 09 2021


Axel Springer SE is buying out Politico.

American normiecons are making hay about the unhinged leftism of Springer’s current CEO. And of course that can’t be ignored.

But in this country, the two big Springer properties, Die Welt and Der Bild, are actually editorially decent. Die Welt gives the AfD a fair hearing, in spite of its moderate-center-right-ish editorial bias, and Der Bild is outright sympathetic, though my problem with it is that I can’t stand its tabloid-y and sensationalist tone and style. My own daily driver is the FAZ, the WSJ of Germany and the continent; I cringe at its cuckservative-ish editorial bias, but it’s the daily paper for people with three digit IQs who have assets beyond living hand-to-mouth.

Because Springer can seem to tolerate having a lot of disparate irons in its fire, I don’t think the new management will editorially change Politico.



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5 09 2021
Hard Right

German blogger heavily fined for mocking tranny Green politician


“Tessa” Ganserer has been a Green Party member of the Bavarian State Parliament in Germany since 2013. In 2018, the married man with two sons trooned out, wearing an ill-fitting blonde wig, short miniskirts and carnavalesque make-up. One citizen, who could not suppress his laughter online at this clown-like transformation, has now been harshly punished.

A German blogger Klaus-Peter Weber was made to pay a hefty fine of 24 000 euros for insulting the tranny MP as well as two other “women” because of their new looks. On appeal, the penalty was even increased because in a first trial, the district court in Hersbruck had sentenced the defendant to 40 daily rates of 80 euros each.

What does Axel Springer think about troons?

6 09 2021

Dunno what he thinks personally, but the only one of his properties which gives us any hint that all this is insanity is Bild.

6 09 2021

This from a few weeks ago, all the more relevant since the deal has actually happened. This gets a few matters of fact incorrect.


6 09 2021

Speaking of news, and fake news at that, I’m so shocked that the same media source who tried to pass off as truth a story about a gang of ass naked men walking in a pitch dark room on carpet with a whole lot of shattered glass on the carpet in order to get on and then in a bed in order to rape a woman is the same source that passed off as truth a story that lots of hospital ERs are full of people overdosing on a certain drug that they claim is only meant for horses but has won Nobel Prizes in medicine for human maladies.

6 09 2021
Hard Right

Might have something to do with the kind of people they hire.

They should stick with fiction and opinion pieces.

9 09 2021
Hard Right

Lindsey Buckingham compares Stevie Nicks to Trump


To him, his dismissal was the result of the other band members cowering before Nicks. He makes a thermonuclear analogy.

“I think others in the band just felt that they were not empowered enough, individually, for whatever their own reasons, to stand up for what was right,” says Buckingham. He pauses for just a second and then plows on. “And so, it became a little bit like Trump and the Republicans.”

Fleetwood has hinted that Buckingham could be welcomed back if Nicks comes around. It’s unlikely that comparing Nicks to Trump will help those chances.

20 10 2021

Late update. Both the editor for Der Bild and the CEO of the Springer outfit are both out for Weinstein-type stuff.

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