8 09 2021


News always seems to find me. This time, the stabby Afghani here on Saturday.

We found out yesterday that this stabby Afghani was part of the 2015 hegira, but then deported because he had already gotten asylum in Bulgaria. But then came back in 2017, applied for asylum again in Germany, and that time received it.

To me, the question of whether this was motivated by Jihadism or Islamism or not is splitting hairs. Even though we know the Berlin Police are going to come to the conclusion that their political masters want them to come to, which is whatever conclusion that causes the least political damage to the open borders agenda.

But with this and the similarly stabby Somalian down in Würzburg back in June, (“Black Lives Messer”), and in that event, the Jihadist motivation was totally officially denied, I’m starting to think that it’s not always so easy as the absolute binary of purely Jihadist/Islamist or purely not. When thinking about both stabby incidents, I’m starting to think that there is a gray area between the two, where the motivation can be part Jihadist/Islamist and part garden variety violent criminality for the well-established garden variety reasons, and that, in fact, these two factors can have a dynamic relationship. And that both these incidents best fit in that gray area.

Anything in the gray area will be officially slotted to “not” so as not to give patriotic natives any ideas.



One response

9 09 2021

Today we just found out that there was yet another stabby “Migrationshintergrundsmensch,” right here in Berlin, also on Saturday. That one is an Iraqi.

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