Illinois Truly Is A Different World.

12 09 2021

Guest post by Puggg

East St. Louis announces citywide curfew following shooting that left seven injured

Chicago may start suing gang members for damages

Good luck.



5 responses

13 09 2021

In both cases, they know that what they’re doing is useless. But they have to show up to show out like they’re actually doing something. The current year lingo for it is “performative.”

13 09 2021
David In TN

I’ve been to East St. Louis, Illinois one time in my life. It was early Sunday morning, August 1, 1965. We had left a motel and were driving home from seeing a Cardinal-Dodger baseball game Saturday night.

The streets were deserted, no people to be seen, very run-down looking. Funny thing, the area around Sportsman’s Park (the Cardinals were playing their last season there, called it Busch Stadium)) wasn’t a whole lot different.

The Cardinals won, rallying in the bottom of the ninth in an exciting game. You can replay it at Baseball Reference.

13 09 2021

the curfew is midnight to 6 so its a token policy that wouldnt have stopped the shooting that got 7 people.

the city is happy to give you a $100 litter fine for moving someone else’s trash off your property like a tire or whiskey bottles that line the road and sidewalk.

13 09 2021
Alex the Goon

If suing them doesn’t work, the mayor should challenge them to a dance-off.

13 09 2021

now thats restorative justice.

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