Black Triangles

14 09 2021

Harlem; Vienna

Similar to this, we have yet another incident of very similar stories happening at close to the same time but far away from each other.

They both involve black triangles. In the case of Vienna, it was a Somali man, his Somali ex babymamma, and his Somali soon-to-be babymamma. With Harlem, it was her, her ex babydaddy and her soon-to-be babydaddy.

Following all that?



2 responses

14 09 2021
17 09 2021

Another news congruency.

This was on AR yesterday, from Connecticut:

State police said the two suspects then drove to Berlin where they threw the victim out of her car and lit the vehicle on fire on fire behind a building.

A few days ago, in the more famous Berlin, Antifa (or etc.) burned the car of the leader of Berlin’s youth chapter of the AfD, and he himself is running for Berlin’s city council, whose election day is the same day as the national election day a week from Sunday.

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