California Recall

14 09 2021


I have only paid scant attention to this California governor recall matter from the vast geographic and mental distance I am from it.

But from what little I see, I think a lot of people are missing der Wald für die Bäume.

It’s deep blue California. The very notion that Gavin Newsom could be recalled and Larry Elder replaces him ought to be a practical joke. But both have a puncher’s chance of happening.

If what I think happens today does, that is, Elder finishes in plurality first place in the replacement ballot but Newsom barely survives the recall question, the media will gloat about the trees that are the binary outcome of the recall question, but miss (or more accurately, ignore or cover up) the forest of the greater political winds blowing and how they almost blew over California.

Assume my prediction happens and advance to the postmortem analysis of tomorrow to where my prediction is a past tense grammatical matter. What almost happened in California is a canary in the coal mine for the rest of the country. Scale it up to not quite as blue areas, purple areas, swing areas, pink areas and red areas.

Note: Even if The Big One happens today and tonight, and it’s Governor-Elect Larry Elder, I don’t think he’ll do that much substantive good. In reality, he’s a warmed over normiecon. And that’s not counting the severe political, social and media resistance he’ll get.



5 responses

14 09 2021
David In TN

It was soon forgotten, but there was an attempt to Recall Reagan in 1968. Ronald Reagan had been elected Governor of California by nearly a million votes in 1966.

The petition needed something like 780,000 signatures. The Recall Reagan campaign collapsed in the summer of 1968 with about 487,000 signees.

I agree that Newsom will probably hang on. And Elder wouldn’t have much effect for the reasons you gave. The Left will use their 24-7 campaign against Trump’s Presidency as a template from now on.

The point is Newsom WAS forced into a Recall election.

15 09 2021

As I write this, 66% in. The recall question isn’t close at all, close to 2:1 for retention, but Larry Elder did win the (irrelevant) replacement vote, the only candidate to break double digits in the big field, showing with 46%. What’s interesting to me is that there were a million more votes to kick Newsom out than there were for Larry Elder himself.

15 09 2021
Hard Right

Bruce would’ve been a better symbol than Moonbeam.

16 09 2021
Alex the Goon

I don’t know which is more unbelievable. That 11 gorillion kalifornians believed so strongly in Joe Bidet’s ability to ruin the country that they actually bothered to fill out a pre-printed form and put it in the mail, or that 6 gorillion believed so strongly that Gayvin Newscum was doing a great job ruining the state that they actually bothered to fill out a pre-printed form and put it in the mail.

26 09 2021

The democratic operatives just go door to door in all the slums inhabited by their constituents and collect all the ballots to make sure they get a big turnout. That’s why they like this mail in fraud so much, they don’t have to worry about their losers not bothering to vote. Ad to that automatic registration of everyone going to the DMV which in California is probably at least 50% non citizens and the scam of so called democracy is explained.

“Proof God does not exist…because how could he have bothered to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah yet leave America’s exceedingly wicked big blue democrat cities still standing?”

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