23 09 2021

New York; Teton County, Wyoming

Just from the geographical byline, you can already figure out what this is going to be about.

And I really can’t afford to spend much time even thinking about, much less writing about, this thing. Considering what is currently my prime concern.

But even the mainstream German media have expressed mild daily interest in the matter.

Which leads me to Joyless Reid, and MWWS.

One big element of it is the innate jealousy that so many black women have towards white women. As others have mentioned in several instances.

But there’s something else at work.

A lot of people are asking why Joyless Reid (and all the other black women that complain about the MWWS), don’t use their platforms to give light to current cases of missing black women.

That critical rejoinder misses the point.

Joyless Reid isn’t necessarily upset about the lack of publicity toward missing black women in the generic sense of speaking. If she uses her show for missing black women, then it’s just another black woman supporting other black women, Big Whoop(ie Goldberg).

She’s upset that white people aren’t worried about missing black women.

What she really wants which is what a lot of black women want, which is for a white man to like them in some way and some how, either individually or collectively.

Hence, why black women loved that TV show Scandal.



3 responses

23 09 2021

I have written axiomatically in the past:

(1) If the debate was about environmental regulations relating to a niche species of crabgrass that grows in a damn all part of Montana that no black person has or will ever go to, the Congressional Black Caucus will find a way to make the politics of it about black people, and probably also about either slavery or segregation.

(2) The best way to torture black people is to ignore them. That’s so much the case that you can probably find “ignoring black people” somewhere in the Geneva Convention.

23 09 2021
Tom MacGyver

Sorry, Joyless, but we’ve had enough of “Dead Black Thug” Syndrome…

23 09 2021
David In TN

I’ll repeat: The reason the MSM almost never mentions black crime victims is they would have to show the suspect, who would also be black. This especially applies to black female murder victims.

The Laci and Scott Peterson story was the MSM’s ideal. A pretty young white woman was murdered, but the hook was her dastardly white husband. Casey Anthony was another tailor-made story.

There was some whining about Natalie Holloway being the MWWS syndrome. Of course Natalie Holloway got plenty of attention. There was a ideal villain in Joran Van der Sloot.

If Natalie Holloway had been abducted in her native Birmingham, AL area (she lived in a wealthy town outside Birmingham) in a Chrstian-Newsom scenario, it would never have been a national story.

The MSM plays up a MWWS when the suspect looks like Scott Peterson or Joran Van der Sloot. They do not when they look like Lemaricus Davidson and Eric Boyd.

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