The Primal Scream of the Childless Woman

6 10 2021

Washington, D.C.

Jack Ryan over at Occidental Dissent and regular contributor to The Political Cesspool wrote several years back something to the effect that democracy even in white countries fails because it’s inevitably converged by childless women who have enough time on their hands to sit through long meetings. I thought to myself then that those not even thirty words (I counted) made a better case for neoreaction than the perhaps millions written by Yarvin, Land, etc.

That’s sort of what’s going on here. Most American school boards are either full of such people or are scared of such people. You figure that there’s not much political drama in a typical American school board election. In the big black cities, there is, because of the uncomfortable racial politics relating to the low IQs of the district’s students. (For much the same reason why the politics of police chiefs are dramatic in big black cities but not really anywhere else, because of the residents’ well known penchant for violent criminality.) But in most places, because not many people care that much, they disregard these matters because their district’s public schools seem to be working well, and it’s the few people that do, the childless women caucus etc etc., that get on the school boards, are never challenged election in and election out, and get fat happy and comfortable there, and they usually grow increasingly intertwined with the district’s permanent bureaucracy and the unions representing the district’s teachers.

But for the first time in a very long time, the typical fat happy comfortable American school board member is having to deal with contentious meetings and disgruntled parents and citizens, who are finally learning about what’s happening in the schools they pay taxes for and angry about CRT for much the same reason that the parents of one to two generations ago were angry about deseg, because it involved their children.

The fat happy and comfortable crowd are therefore running off and crying uncle to Attorney General Rat Face.

(As far as he goes, Mitch McConnell may not have been worth much, but his single handedly keeping Rat Face off the Supreme Court was probably worth the price of admission all by itself.)



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6 10 2021

This has something do with the school board member who lives in that house getting all up in her feelings about a parent who asked her a tough question at a school board meeting and in revenge calling that parent’s employer.

It’s like the aforementioned Jack Ryan also says, make it personal.

6 10 2021
7 10 2021
Hard Right

Jesus creeping shit.

4 11 2021

Late news: We now have good evidence that the White House begged the NSBA to write the letter saying (or claiming) the “threats,” as a pretext to do what they wanted to do. Eleven states’ chapters of the NSBA (including Missouri) have quit the national because of this stupid stunt.

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