The Return of the Thot Audit

6 10 2021

Washington, D.C.

Here’s what I think is really going on with this:

The purpose of this isn’t to catch big money tax evaders. The IRS already has the tools to do that. And why would big time tax evaders muck around with $ 600 transactions?

No, what’s really going on here is that they’re trying to catch welfare recipients hiding relative nickels and dimes when they’re supposed to be reporting them to the welfare offices so that their benefit amounts can be proportionally reduced.

This is the Thot Audit, in a roundabout way.



9 responses

6 10 2021
Alright Dan

I’m making the same comment twice. This mentions Janet Yellen. This whole thing about the trillion dollar coin monster coming back is true.

6 10 2021
Alex the Goon

Welfare queens don’t have bank accounts, because having $x,000 in the bank is a disqualifier for gibs. They use prepaid Visa cards and the “”predatory”” corner check ca$hing $tore. Also, the Dept of Gibs is in the business of giving gibs. If they stop giving gibs, they are out of a job. Maybe not the whole agency, but fewer recipients means fewer clerks, which means fewer supervisors and fewer dept heads.
This is sticking a microscope up everyone’s ass, so they can pull a “criminal charge” out of their ass for any political enemies they feel like persecuting.

7 10 2021
Hard Right

Yep. They don’t really care about Shaniqa’s OnlyFans. They want to know who attended the AmRen Conference.

12 10 2021
Tom MacGyver

This is a prelude to the “cashless society.” Carrying out this intrusion on our privacy will allow d’gub’meyent to put all the systems for “cashless” in place behind smoke and mirrors. Once everything’s up and running, I anticipate legislation requiring us to turn in all our hard cash for “digital dollars” which can be taxed and “negative intererested” with a click of a mouse. By the time people realize they’ve been had it’ll be too late… Hell; it’s ALREADY too late…

…Welfare bums use cash, folks… So do illegal aliens. That’s why all the check cashing stores and “water stores.” …Illegals use the “water stores…” The whole idea is to look destitute on paper, so as to get MORE free stuff. If d’gub’meyent REALLY wanted to keep tabs on the freeloaders, they’d follow the late model cars, purchased with cash, home from the welfare offices to the bums’ houses, and do an audit on all the stuff the bums had that they supposedly couldn’t afford… No, folks; they’re looking at US, not them…

Tangibles… Precious metals… before it’s too late…

18 10 2021
Sebastian Hawks

they’d follow the late model cars, purchased with cash

You can’t buy an expensive car with cash, that’s all reported to the IRS. I’d suspect most of these are leased. Also, in the ‘hood a lot of the women have decent paying affirmative action government jobs. Add to that shady cash coming in from a shiftless boyfriend and they are probably doing a lot better than these angry leftist, white college grads working at Panera.

I can’t really see the democrats crafting this to go after their own constituents. The very same hood rats who went around the ghettos and harvested millions of so called mail in ballots in the last election to put them in power. The biggest tax cheats of all out there are all these immigrant businesses such as the Arab or Hindu run liquor, lottery, and fried chicken joints ubiquitous in every ghetto across America. All the Patel run flophouse motels that give discounts for payment in cash. That’s who will get caught up in this, but I suspect the democrats actual intent is to harass what’s left of white small business in flyover country.

13 10 2021
Alright Dan

I heard that radio ad for Babel again. I paid close attention this time, and it was almost like this exactly: It was a woman’s voice, sounded like a white woman, narrating. She said that if she wants to seek out new romantic interests, she would want to learn Spanish. If she wants to connect with far off distant relatives, she would learn French. If she wants to get a new job, she would learn German.

13 10 2021
Alex the Goon

She said that if she wants to seek out new romantic interests, she would want to learn Spanish.

Wise choice. Fringe bennies include free lawnmowing or upsized combos at Taco Bell.

14 10 2021

Repeating for those needing: Babbel’s parent company is HQ in Berlin, so it doesn’t surprise me that they’re chauvinistic about German. What Germans unfortunately are not with their language is jealous, because over the centuries they’ve let themselves get really linguistically punked by French and now English.

Now as for this particular ad, let me translate:

“If I want to go south of the border to troll for dick, I’ll learn Spanish. If I want to blow through my daddy’s money constantly schlepping between Paris, the Riviera and Switzerland, I’ll learn French. But if I actually want to be productive in life and accomplish something, I’ll learn German.”

I should note once again the real reason to learn German is so that God can understand you.

3 11 2021

Disability fraud is quite common, (working while you are allegedly disabled for cash under the table and not reporting that income to SS).
I doubt they are actually looking in to that.

It was amazing how many people that drew unemployment for years back in 2008-2010 or when ever the extended benefits finally ended, applied for and got disability.

One of the conditions of drawing unemployment is that you are able to work. So they either lied while drawing unemployment or more likely are lying about being disabled.

There were so many new disability recipients that the whole SSDI system will run out money in a few years if nothing changes. Unlike the rest of SS, disability used to take in enough money from working people to cover the benefits, at least that is what they used to claim.

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