Off the Bucket (Or Should That Be Book-et) List

24 10 2021


On this weekend’s Frankfurter Buchmesse (Frankfurt Book Fair). I’ve been wanting to go ever since I moved to Germany. But I was on the road and working when the 2018 and 2019 versions happened, and last year’s was virtual-only. Finally the stars aligned this year, and the better half and I made the trek.

(1) I wasn’t expecting the world of it, but even with my reduced expectations, it was still a little bit of a disappointment.

(2) My theory that those who pulled out before the weekend because of the “right wing extremism” were merely goosing the matter for cheap publicity and attention that would turn into some book sales for themselves, I confirmed. The “right wing extremist” (patriotic) vendors there have been there for a long time, and pushed off into a relative hinterland, as they always have been.

(3) Am I glad I went and that I scratched something off my bucket list? Yes. Will I ever be going again? Maybe. Will this be an annual appointment event for me? No. Am I going to bust my ass to go? Hell no. With the exception of some necessary work function correlating with it, if that ever happens.

(4) On a hunch, I bought a certain book along with me. And my hunch was rewarded; The author was there, she autographed my copy, and I bought her latest book, which actually came out last October. Gold star goes to the first who can figure out who.



2 responses

25 10 2021

This is a little bit of the fallout from the manufactured nontroversy. This wasn’t at the Fair itself, this is Frankfurt’s city hall.

28 10 2021

“Hopefully this right wing publishing company will return next year”

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