Okay, Interpreters, Do Your Thing

17 11 2021

Your Blogmeister’s German Desk

Had a really weird dream last night.

I was back in St. Louis, but with a catch: I was what, who and how old I am now, (44, if you’re new here), but I was there on what in my dream I understood as the date of my birth, March 31, 1977. More specifically than in St. Louis, I was in the very close vicinity of the hospital where I was born. In the dream, I thought to myself that I was worried about running into my mother about to give delivery to myself, and running into my newborn self. You know, as Doc Brown put it, one of those paradoxes that has the potential to destroy the whole universe, but would probably be locally limited to our galaxy, what a relief.

Also if you’re new here, in real life, my mother passed on January 7, when my own sons were sixteen days old. That might help you interpreters. What also may help for you noobs and interpreters is to let you know what my long termers and regulars already know, and that is, at some point I will take my wife to St. Louis to see where her husband comes from, to see the toxic stew that incubated him. She’s been lobbying for that for some time, and hasn’t really stopped. Though that won’t be able to happen any sooner than the summer of year after next. And if it does happen then, it will be my first time back to the native city in just about five years, more if it can’t happen until even later.

First thing I told my wife this morning after we were both up was about this dream. She, no kind of interpreter, told me these exact words: “Sie haben unerledigte Geschäfte. Sie brauchen einen Schluss.” (You have unfinished business. You need a conclusion (or, to put it better, closure)). I presume that’s part her lobbying and part her being serious.

I’ll also admit that something that’s been on my mind a lot in the last maybe month or so, as we get closer and closer to us being on walking and talking watch, and before you know it, they’ll be doing both, and of course their first birthday is in sight, is all the things I’m going to have to and be able to teach them once they get old enough to understand, the kinds of counsel I wish I could transmit across the schism of time to my younger self in order to save myself a lot of needless hassle. I know it’s physically impossible, other than in the sense of preparing my next generation, so neither one of them have to go through it. That, all the things I had to learn the hard way, they won’t have to, they’ll already be inoculated and immunized against those things (to use a few currently fashionable words). Unless they turn out to be as hard headed as I fear, in which case they’ll let their father’s warnings go in one ear and out the other, and they will have to learn those things the hard way.

If it helps, the dream was in color, but rather rough and vague color.



4 responses

17 11 2021
Evil Sandmich

You’re craving Budweiser ;-)

18 11 2021

Actually, I am. Just not the kind you think.

18 11 2021
David In TN

I have some dreams that reoccur.

One has me in a large city. I’m walking around looking for my car. I don’t know where it’s parked. The streets are deserted except for me. Sometimes I think I’m in St. Louis in this dream.

Another has me back in college. I have a final exam coming up and haven’t studied any of the subject. This dream comes often.

18 11 2021

When I was a kid, I had two wild reoccurring ones. One involved a lion approaching me in this meadow of a forest that opens up to grassland in sort of a bell shaped form, and the lion bites my hand. The other was that I won a trip to Hawaii but the catch is that I had to go there on a paper airplane shaped as a jumbo jet.

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