I’m So Old…

30 12 2021

Washington, D.C.

As many of you know, in a time long ago and on a continent far away, I used to be in this line of work, albeit in a cowpatch sense, not on K Street. So this story hooked me for that reason.

All I can say is that it’s yet another example on how wokeness has borked the American left. I’m old enough to remember when the American left’s purported problem with the lobbying business is that it existed at all. Sure, they may have been less than totally genuine when they said it. But at least they said it, and a lot of people believed it and still do because they once said it.

They don’t even bother with that kind of insincerity anymore. Now, the left’s only problem with the lobbying business is that black elected officials want more of the agents of the interests that want to engage in the barely legal bribery of their own selves to be themselves black.

IOW, yet again, the left has forgotten about its traditional economic populist and clean government stances to throw everything into identitariansm.



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30 12 2021

Heads up: I have my year end wrap up RHOC post written, wherein I’m going to go public with some less than desirable personal news. But I’m going to give it one night to sleep on it, then tomorrow morning (hopefully) I’ll give it one last proofread, then have it go live then.

Until then, here are a few other stories that happened during my mostly unplugged time so far (I’m going to go back to being unplugged after I write this), just to tide you over:

* This sits at the intersectionality of four trends: (1) Diversity, (2) The antiquarianist obsession of wokeness, (3) Infantile LARPing, and (4) The undeveloped late adolescent brain.


* I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, I’m happy that cancel culture is getting poked in the eye. On the other hand, Morgan Wallen is a w-word, and his music is annoying “hick hop.”

Remember that he yelled those words toward another white man.



30 12 2021
Alex the Goon

I agree that White people should be ostracized for saying “nigga”. Our word is “nigger”; “nigga” is the niggers’ word.

30 12 2021

The big news here in Ye Olde Bundesrepublik here in the second half of December has been the evening walks indicative of the unofficial Covid measures protests, and all that has fallen out from them. Including the fact that, for the official German left-of-the-lamestream left, think: Greens+Die Linke+Antifa+Etc., “Alle Bullen Sind Bastarden” has been totally forgotten, it’s so last current year.

30 12 2021

ICYMI, check out my comment on my most recent RHOC post about my sons’ birthday.

30 12 2021
Alex the Goon

When you have Free Shit Armies marching the streets demanding gibs, the well-spoken, well-groomed negro lobbyist is rather redundant.

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