Teddy, We Hardly Knew Ye

6 01 2022

Houston; Washington, D.C.

I’m sure you’ve all heard by now that Ted Cruz just built an iron ceiling right next to his head. Just my cute metaphorical way of saying that he just ruined any chance he had at a political career beyond where he is right now.

I’m going to leave the foot in mouth disease nature of Ted Cruz’s remarks aside for a moment, to address his minor contention, the implication that, since he finished with the second most delegates in 2016, he would have been the nominee if Trump would have never run. As you read the rest of this, you might think that I’ve already written all this either directly or to this effect in this space, and I might have. But I’m not entirely sure that I have.

Ted Cruz a lot of things, and, as it has now become all the more clear to all the more people in an instant, a borderline sociopathic opportunist is one of them. But he’s also way too smart (Dershowitz or Tribe called him one of the brightest law students he ever had) to be implying something that amateurish and inane.

These sorts of things are dynamic systems, not simple horse races.

You may recall that, here in this space, when Trump rode down the escalator, I predicted that he wouldn’t be the nominee, but his entry would change the dynamics of the already announced candidates such that it would affect the outcome of the ultimate winner, and before that, Jeb! was considered the odds on favorite. Turns out I was only half right — His entry did change the dynamics, and it did result in a different winner than what would have otherwise been, but it was that Trump himself that actually won. You may recall that the only time Trump didn’t lead in the polls after he passed Jeb! two weeks after his announcement was in September, when Ben Carson of all people overtook him for a week or two. That’s another example of Trump changing the dynamic: Ben Carson wouldn’t have come anywhere close to being even a brief frontrunner but for Trump getting in.

Because Trump changed the dynamics, that was what allowed Cruz to finish with the second most delegates. If Trump would have never gotten in, I could imagine that Cruz would have been a relatively early dropout.

Speaking of own goals, Liz Cheney admitted over the weekend that the whole purpose of what she’s doing is to keep Trump or someone like him from getting that close to power ever again. At the same time, she’s dog whistling that the secondary purpose is to restore the Bush-Cheney-Romney wing at the front of the party. First off, she’s a year away from not having any public power herself, soon to be joined by her nextdoor neighbor, the aforementioned. Second, even if Trump doesn’t or can’t run again, (and you all know why I think he won’t or won’t be able to), there is zero energy in today’s Republican primary and caucus electorate to bring back Bush, Cheney and Romney.

To throw one of the establishment’s favorite phrases right back in her face, she’s not on the right side of history.



8 responses

6 01 2022
Alex the Goon

I could imagine that Cruz would have been a relatively early dropout.
Nah, he would’ve stayed on the Reaganite True Conservative talking points long enough to win the Anyone-But-Bush vote.

6 01 2022
David In TN

Ted Cruz was on Tucker Carlson tonight (Thursday). He did a scomplete a Mea Culpa as a politician ever does. The Texas Senator told Tucker:

“I was sloppy and dumb. I’ll tell you what I meant to say.”

He rambled: “A limited number of people who engaged in violent attacks against police officers. Assault a police officer you should go to jail. That’s who I was talking about. It was a mistake to say that yesterday.”

Cruz seemed desperate to get back in the graces of the GOP base.

6 01 2022
Alex the Goon

Did Lyin’ Ted explain how the “violent terrorist attack” was carried out by people lacking any kind of weapons, including pitchforks? I guess when you look at it that way, it was doomed to fail from the start. As a terrorist attack.

7 01 2022
Hard Right

The clueless fuck actually posted the interview on Twatter:

7 01 2022
Alex the Goon

Yesterday I used a dumb shade of lipstick on my collar, and unfortunately my wife is misunderstanding what it means.

7 01 2022
Alex the Goon

Yesterday was not the first time Ted Cruz referred to January 6th as a “terrorist attack”

12 01 2022
Dale Gribble

Speaking of Liz Cheney is there any chance she is doing the bidding of the left as a sort of pre-trial diversion program for her father Dick. By rights if Dick and Dubya were Japanese they would be hanging now after an international criminal court show trial.

12 01 2022
Hard Right

Ted Cruz Attempts Redemption, Crushes FBI Wench at Hearing Regarding 1/6 Violence


This week, however, we must admit that he killed it at a Senate hearing with some stupid bitch from the FBI.

That bitch’s name? Jill Sanborn.


She’s a “counter-terrorism” official who was involved in the entire Atomwaffen hoax.

See how this all ties together?

FBI Assistant Director for Counterterrorism

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