Today Is an Important and Tragic Anniversary

6 01 2022

Today is an important anniversary.

Fifteen years ago today were the murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom.



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6 01 2022

David will correct me here if I’m wrong, but I think, fifteen years out, the only actual successful dispositions of the criminal trials involve a Federal charge against one of them and the plea bargain “robbery” deal against the woman. Plain words, we won’t see any executions in the next fifteen, I presume.

6 01 2022
David In TN

Oh, there’s been a successful disposition of sorts in each case. It’s a long story but I’ll make it short for now.

When it first broke and the suspects were ID’d, both the local U.S. Attorney and Knox County AG wanted to try the case. Eventually they agreed for the State to try four suspects for carjacking-murder, while the Feds charged Eric Boyd with being an accessory.

The oddity is there was more evidence against Boyd than George Thomas, who was charged with Davidson, Cobbins, and Coleman. But the then-Knox AG wouldn’t charge Boyd.

Boyd was convicted of aiding and abetting in Federal Court in 2008, received 18 year sentence. The rest were convicted in state court in 2009-10. Davidson got Death, Cobbins and Thomas LWOP, Coleman 53 with parole hearing after 7.

When the Judge was busted for drugs, Thomas and Coleman got retrials, Coleman dropped to 35 years. Others stayed the same.

The Knox AG finally decided to charge Boyd with the murders in 2019. He was convicted and got “Life”, as your biggest fan would say. Boyd was probably the worst of the bunch, but is a more crafty criminal.

The new Manhattan Soros DA would consider Boyd harmless as he was a career stickup man, drug dealer, etc.

Davidson is still on Death Row. He was the only defendant to get a death sentence. Anybody’s guess when or if. Probably never.

You always hear, “If the races were reversed it would have been the biggest story in the world.” My own view is this is an example of no black on white murder case ever becomes a National Morality Play. Even when it is a compelling story with twists and turns as Christian-Newsom was.

P.S. The exception was the Simpson trial. And in that one the MSM steered it in an antiwhite direction.

6 01 2022

Since Boyd got 18 in Fed, and I think Fed has a 10 month out of 12 TIS, meaning five-sixths, 83 1/3%, and that times 18 is 15, which is what we’re at now, it means that as of right about now he would be getting out of Federal prison if he didn’t get the state’s “life.” Which might mean that he might be close to the time I write this in the process of being transferred from Federal to state custody.

6 01 2022
David In TN

I just checked the TN inmate locator and Federal inmate locator.

Boyd is still in the Yazoo City MS federal prison at the moment. TN lists Boyd as “Pending.”

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