Forever and Ever Amen

21 02 2022


I may be partially responsible for fueling the recent fad of generationist enmity in our sector.

And I’ve said for some time, and along those lines, that the Boomers aging out of power is going to result in the most drastic handoff in generational power within a hundred years of either side of when it happens. While I’ve been thinking that it will be for the better, I’ve always left open the opposite possibility.

But after the last several days, I take it all back.

Because, if Justin Trudeau is representative of what the world has to look forward to with Generation X dominance of important power institutions, then my only reactions are these:

Boomers and older, please live forever. I mean, c’mon, immortality can’t be that hard, can it? After all, there have been some promising theoretical breakthroughs.


Now I understand why the 1965 Wall is as impenetrable as the Berlin Wall once was, why the Boomers and older are so scared to retire.

Open thread for the week.



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21 02 2022
David In TN

I had been meaning to ask you about your previous optimism about the generational handoff.

The Next Generation has had a more extended Leftist indoctrination. And if you don’t make all the right noises and strike the Proper Attitudes, you don’t advance.

The Boomers thought (while in college) the problems would be solved. For example, race relations would “get better” as the country got more “liberal,” if I may use that term. We see how it turned out.

The historian Alan J. Levine ( he’s my age and expresses things I agree with) in his book on the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis expressed about the mood of the time:

“The current of ideas involved was complex and composed of many strands–some reasonable, some admirable, some just plain stupid, some even evil; and that led to little of value, and even to actual retrogression, was something that many people who lived through the era could never accept, anymore than the truth that the Kennedys were ruthless cold-blooded political operators, not idealists.”

21 02 2022

I’ve always assumed that Boomers were scared to retire because they subconsciously know they’ll then be at the mercy of the surly brown hordes they brought in to replace whites.

23 02 2022

Proving my axiom that we live in the era of the dumbest smartest people in world history.

If you don’t have Disqus blocked, I’m in the comment section.

23 02 2022

These people like Justin Bieber Trudeau don’t understand the kind of people they’re fucking with or the kinds of forces they’re messing with. They’re fucking with the kind of people who, provided they’re well enough organized, have the ability to crash the economy and then modern civilization with it. Meaning one year from today, the approximately 1% of humanity that survives will be back to being hunter-gatherers.

Hey, they wanted a Great Reset, and they just might get one in the worst way.

24 02 2022
David In TN

The Blogmeister has changed his mind about the generational handoff of power being an improvement. On the other hand, so-called Normie Conservatives are coming to the realization that “Nobody in power in any country cares about my interests.”

Normiecon Rod Dreher has just written a scathing piece ( at TAC that tracks what the Blogmeister has said for years. By the way, Dreher wrote this from Hungary:

“On stage a petulant class of clueless Justin Trudeaus and bumbling Joe Biden’s simply can’t fathom why few anymore are listening to them. More and more North Americans are perplexed why anyone would wish to follow such unimpressive mental and physical figures along with all the toxic hypocrisies they embody and weaponize.”

“Biden has said American troops won’t be fighting for Ukraine. I don’t believe him. It’s not that I think he’s consciously lying, but rather it’s that things could go very bad, very quickly, with U.S. troops in the region. And it’s that my trust in anything anybody in Washington says is about at the level of a synod of bishops.”

Concerning young Hungarians listening to what their parents told them about living under communism: “This is great news, I told him (and the group). Listen to your parents. Defend the right to speak freely, especially when it is the right of people who are your political opponents. (David In TN: They will not reciprocate.) We have lost that in my country. America is governed now, in both the public and private spheres by people who think Justin Trudeau is a fine young defender of decency and democracy–but if Victor Orban did to Hungarian dissidents what Trudeau is doing to Canadian ones, all of Washington would be calling for a color revolution. So who, actually is our enemy?”

25 02 2022

For awhile I’ve thought that Rod Dreher is way more alt-lite than normiecon.

I too have come to the “nobody in power cares about my interests” conclusion in the last 48 hours, but for a different reason. I’ll write about it here next week.

25 02 2022
David In TN

Around 2015 I made a comment about Rod Dreher. He had written something like, “To understand a black man’s problems you have to get inside his head.”

The Blogmeister replied, “You would have to get a lobotomy.”

27 02 2022

HR, I saw that you mentioned in another thread that Merkel got pickpocketed (gypsy/Roma) late last week. She has a civilian staff of 19 for her retirement “former Chancellor” office, plus armed official security. What I find weird is that her armed security (which you can bet went with her to that store) couldn’t prevent or deter it from happening, and couldn’t catch the pickpocket on foot. What’s more strange is that she herself deliberately waited a given period of time to call the Berlin cops and file a report. Which means her official security also hesitated.

I tend to think that the reason is no more complicated than the gypsiness of the perpetrator.

31 05 2022

Late entry:

Beta O’Dork’s stunt.

My generation, FTW!

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