Dreams Won’t Chase You Back

18 04 2022

Medford, Oregon

I still have a lot of blogs in my feed reader (which goes to show you how old I am, that I still use one of those), that I don’t really read on a day to day basis anymore.

But a post from the long Easter weekend from a blog called Town Crier caught my attention for the obvious reason.

And it’s bad news.

Roger Fredinburg was on KSD (as it was known back then, it has been KTRS since 1997), the second most powerful AM signal in St. Louis, in 1993 and 1994, and intermittently since then, until he stopped doing the show, to make the lateral move into the back end of the radio advertising and brokering business, where he told me he made way more money than he did ever actually being behind the mic. But anyway, Roger’s peak of popularity in St. Louis was during the summer and fall of 1994, and he wound up coming to St. Louis during the fall and doing several events, and his show from the KSD studios.

If you listened to Roger’s show at all during the summer of 1994, you have heard my voice. Albeit the version of me that was 17 years old. If you can place a first name, then don’t say it in the comment section. There’s a reason I haven’t stated my real name anywhere in this space.

Since Roger gave up his show, we were in occasional contact with each other. But not since July 19, 2017, and certainly not since I changed continents. Now it makes me wish I would have been more studious in that regard.

IIRC, Roger said he was 34 years old during the summer of ’94, which makes him 17 older than myself. Which means he’s around 62 right now.

I wrote here more than a year and change ago after getting over my mother’s passing that I realized that getting everything I could have both wanted and was percentage odds practically attainable out of life also cost me everything I knew. But it’s news like this which also makes me realize the flip side of that coin, that it’s all worth it, because:



3 responses

18 04 2022

Remember the exact date I first called his show:

July 5, 1994.

It’s why, for a stretch of several years, I made it my business to call him on July 5. But, 2016 was the last year I did. July 5, 2017 was the day I formally launched what would have been my startup, at least on paper. Two weeks later, it would all become a moot point.

18 04 2022
Alex the Goon

Damn. I hope he gets through it.

20 04 2022

Yesterday morning, April 19.

I don’t know whether to think it’s ironic or apropos that of all days April 19 was the day.

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