But While We’re Waiting

5 05 2022

Washington, D.C.

I’ll cut to the end of the chase and tell you how it all turns out. Spoiler alert.

Congress passes and whatever President signs a law that is constructed under the rubric of civil rights. It will Federalize abortion as a right, constructed and incorporated into the Fourth Amendment, for any reason in the first trimester and for reasons of rape, incest and life of the mother at any time. Everything else will be left up to state option. It will be the hard fought compromise between irresistible force and immovable object, and will come after years and years of people screaming the same arguments at each other that they already have for two generations prior, without swaying much of anyone. With the slight spice-ups that the Current Year has taught us that men can get pregnant, that the very people who are fighting for women’s rights can’t define woman, and that “my body my choice” has no applicability to vaccines.

Now, you would think that Amurrika could just do that right now, and skip the better part of a decade’s worth of screaming. But that’s the very reason why that won’t happen. It’s because of the Rahm Doctrine: Never let a crisis go to waste. The pro-abortion side isn’t going to start compromising so soon, when it (as well as the pro-life side) knows it will have to, because the NOWs and NARALs of the world want the chance to grift, beg and hustle, and go on membership drives. This will also serve to paper over the terf-trans civil war within feministville for awhile. And of course the blue team thinks it can harvest a few votes out of it and stave off the ELE.



2 responses

5 05 2022
Hard Right

No compromise with Commies. Let them whine.

11 05 2022

If the pres is a democrat (that is most likely, Trump was probably the last republican pres) they will federalize abortion but it will be protected for the full length of the pregnancy. It will be available for any reason. If they get to make the law they will make it to please the hard core abortion enthusiasts that make up a large part of their party.

It may get done via executive order.
It seems those can be used for anything and can not be changed by the next president anymore.

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