Afghan Security Blanket

17 05 2022

St. Louis City

Yes, I peeked the story about two weeks ago.

And I don’t think anyone reading these words is so naive that they don’t know the real reason why Official St. Louis thinks or wants Afghans to be the new Bosnians.

This bit that is being officially thrown out there about “reversing population decline” — I should note that St. Louis City’s population kept declining in spite of the influx of the old Bosnians.

I should also note that, as of 2017, the old Bosnians were really starting to move out of the city in significant numbers, and I am guessing that trend has only continued since I stopped paying close attention for voluntary and involuntary reasons. The November 2014 murder of Zemir Begic probably was a turning point. But even before that, some of the Bosnians had children and suddenly discovered the SLPS.

All I know from direct and personal experience is that Afghans aren’t Bosnians.



One response

17 05 2022

Speaking of “the real reason.”

There, you’ll see the title has been updated to 14 and 6.

He was in St. Louis to collect initiative petition signatures for a legalize marijuana proposal.

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