Coming Of Age

2 06 2022

Washington, D.C.

I see back in the ‘States the debate over when one truly becomes an adult is hot again, can’t imagine why.

My answer is really simple, and I know I’ve written it in this space in the past, but it’s worth repeating for those needing:

You don’t truly become an adult until the point in time at which you dread instead of cheer when you see there’s a foot of snow in the forecast.



3 responses

2 06 2022
2 06 2022
Hard Right

I must be psycho, er psychic. I just knew these gentlemen were going to be Fine Upstanding African-American Role Models™.

2 06 2022
Alex the Goon

A boy doesn’t become a man until he can look his father square in the eye, and tell him he wants to become a woman, and has the full support of his kindergarten teacher and his mother and the family court.

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