Our Diversity Makes Us More Diverse

9 06 2022

Berlin; Lake Garda, Italy; Paris

Saturday, Berlin. A 29-year old “Armenian-German” drives 60 down a street with not even a 20 limit, killing a teacher and injuring many others in the process. Investigators are finding out that he’s angry about how Turks have treated and continue to treat Armenians. In the aftermath, the German media are trotting out the phrase “Amoktat” (“amok act”), which seems like it’s becoming the new “Einzelfall” (“individual case”), which is to say, the new weasel word or phrase, like “isolated incident” used to be used a lot in the ‘States, that comes from on Official High to keep people from having incorrect thoughts and conclusions about the perp(s).

One week ago today, Lake Garda, Italy. Lake Garda is about halfway between Venice and Milan. It’s a natural lake that sits in the transition zone between the Alps and the Po Valley. To look at it on a map, it would be easy to conclude that it was formed via river impoundment, as so many very similar lakes in America are formed. But no, Lake Garda is entirely natural. And these days, it’s a popular resort destination for Italians are those of nearby countries, especially the cooler northern part of the lake in the Alps and during the usually hot summer in most of Italy. Unfortunately, it’s also getting to be popular with “Italians.” And that it was one week ago today, which was an Italian holiday. A town on the far southern tip of the lake held a music festival, and lots and lots of blacks and Arabs invaded the town with the intent of havoc and having their way with Italian and other European girls and women. IOW, it was a mini-Cologne.

And speaking of mini-Cologne, in case you haven’t heard, or in case you are foolish enough to continue to believe the media spin that Liverpool fans with fake tickets were entirely the cause of the problems at the UCL final in Paris about two weeks ago, that was also a black and Arab mini-Cologne in reality. I automatically disbelieved the initial media spin from the get go, because I now have enough experience with Paris to know that the Stade de France is in the diversitarian hellhole of Saint-Denis. It’s just that, at first, I thought it was a matter of the vibrants being the ones who were trying to get in with fake tickets. But over time, we found out that it was a full blown wilding.



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9 06 2022

In light of Saturday in Berlin, and all the “trucks of peace,” and Waukesha, there are now serious calls in Germany for “geofencing,” where cars are automatically governed to the street or road’s posted speed limit.

9 06 2022
Alex the Goon

“Because low-speed impacts are not harmful to humans.”
Perhaps they should mandate helmets and air-filled sumo suits for all pedestrians, since they have no intention of controlling the animals.
So did the Armenian get any Turks, or were they all Accidentally White?

13 06 2022

More and more evidence that the Lake Garda thing was planned for some time. And there’s a video going around TikTok claiming that more and worse is to come.

10 08 2022
Remember This Word | Countenance Blog

[…] fact, it was two months ago that I mentioned here the very story which got the mainstream German media, especially FAZ, to start floating the […]

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