Business in the Front, Party in the Back

22 06 2022


The two hostages to fate and fortune turn a year and a half old today. Three years of life between the two of them.

They are consummately and full time walking now, haven’t had any kind of stumble in almost a month. And they’re understanding and speaking more and more words, in two languages and a dialect.

A year and a half in, it’s perfectly obvious that the older one is more rambunctious, more curious but less vocal, and the younger one is more reserved, more inherently disciplined, but more vocal.

The next big thing will be potty training. We’re going to be on the lookout starting now for the signs that they’re ready, but honestly, we’re not really expecting it to start happening until they turn two. But these things are play it by ear and wait and see, as anyone who has been the parent of children this age can attest.

Tomorrow I have a long drive for my fourth and final weekend in a row of road trips for business. Which could get really interesting and internationally newsworthy — In fact, some people are already preparing for just that, and Antifa are already holding car-b-ques of cop cars and buses in Munich in advance of it. Ironically, Interior Minister Nancy Antifaeser has already ordered strict monitoring at all of the Reich’s major border entry points that would otherwise be wide open, out of fear that the left wing goony birds she otherwise loves so much and willingly cavorts with will stream into the Reich from all over Europe to cause a lot of problems at this given event. Not considering that there are already plenty of them domestically, as she should well know. It will for sure be my longest drive and my longest weekend of the four.

And when I get back, the better half and I are headed out on our low key Dutch vacation. Which means, unless something really big happens, expect little if any commentary either here or on the social feeds until August.

See you then.



6 responses

24 06 2022

I get the feeling that most of the “protests with benefits” here at the G7 will be back in Munich, not in G-P in the host city itself. Far left street theater “with benefits,” “peaceful protesting intensifies,” tends to happen in places where they know the “real” authorities will let them get away with it, to an extent. And that won’t be right here in G-P, for sure.

28 06 2022

Well as I write this now (3 PM hour, Tuesday, when the “official” G7 has already concluded), and the “promised” left wing protests were a bust. Yes, there was that one night and day of Antifa car-b-que-ing in Munich late last week. But for the most part, the cops had everything locked down airtight, not only here on site in G-P and vicinity, but also up in Munich. So much so that the ordinary 50 minute commute between here and the AirBnB I’m staying at took an hour and a half. (Thankfully I only have one such commute remaining, in several hours.)

Other than the cops being militant, one big reason why the left wing protests fizzled is because the militant activist left is suffering the same problem we are: Severe division over Ukraine. Over there, it’s the matter of the delusional utopian peacenicks wanting to stay neutral and out of the matter, and the careerists who are using far left militancy as a springboard to bigger things taking Ukraine’s side.

28 06 2022

Allah-u-Snackbar Iranian attacks a gay nightclub in Oslo, with fatalities. And what is the official reaction? Remember the Pulse nightclub in Orlando six years ago, and how that was spun.

28 06 2022

Here in the several hours postmortem of the G7, the woke left has been making a lot of fun of people dressed in traditional Bavarian fashions used as welcoming personnel for the world leaders and other dignitaries. ISYN.

28 06 2022

One thing that occurred to me just now: One of the well known reasons why security for this G7 shindig was so tight was that it was a mere five years ago at the G20 in Hamburg when the far left street goons caught everyone off guard and really rioted hard. A common denominator between then and now is Olaf Scholz — He was the mayor of Hamburg then, and German Chancellor now.

28 06 2022

And now here in the few hours after, we find out that the woke left is throwing a big fit about the traditional Bavarian dress and other folkways used to greet dignitaries and others. ISYN.

Jake Tapper has been around here for the whole run, and he had this Tweet two days ago, and, as you can read in the comments, the woke left lost its mind. If it ever really had one.

I was at Oktoberfest in 2018 for the entire run. Thankfully, I have total control of all the photos and video of myself wearing Lederhosen.

I should also note that “Guten Abend” is too textbook-y, and Bavarians and Austrians like to use “Servus.”

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