Raj Chetty’s Latest Research

2 08 2022

Palo Alto, California

I can break it down in a metaphor.

Let’s say there’s this model railroad club in this city. Among its members are Paul, the executive vice-president for something-or-another at a Fortune 500 corporation in town, and Billy Bob, a teenager whose parents have a very modest income. But Paul notices “something” in Billy Bob, and uses his pull to get Billy Bob on in the mailroom at the Fortune 500 corporation. Forty years later, Billy Bob has risen all the way to the top and has become CEO.

That’s why Chetty is talking about, the mobility in socioeconomic status (SES) that comes from and in fact rooted in the SES heterogeneity of groups and organizations that aren’t explicitly organized around SES.

However, what Chetty is trying to sell you on, or he’s either deliberately or unwittingly peddling disingenuously, is that there should be something that forces the model railroad club to take in any ole Jamarquavious who has zero interest in model railroad and a low IQ, because, that way, Paul will be able to get him on the CEO track, too.

Then again, that seems to be Chetty’s purpose in life, to hunt for any justification for shoveling black people out of cities and move them next to you.

Remember, the sine qua non of the model railroad club is interest in model railroad. And on top of that, Paul had to “see something” in Billy, that he never did in anyone else at the club.

Of course, I’ve explained these things a few times before.



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