Trump Endorsed Eric

3 08 2022

Jefferson City

The first season of “House” on was also the last season of “That 70’s Show,” both were on over-the-air Fox. And both shows had a character named Eric Foreman.

There were four guys with my first name on the baseball team sophomore year of high school. My first name isn’t exactly a rare one, but it’s also not the most common one.


What happened yesterday is what I said would happen back in March. Even though Eric Greitens’s collapse in the polls took longer than I thought, it eventually happened.

The problem was that, as long as it was nothing more than he said she said, gossip, and the pure political vendetta of a Soros prosecutor, it wasn’t going to hurt him. Whatever connection he had and made with people, and I never could grok it myself, it was enough to power through all that, and any other predicaments he got himself into.

But as of March, it became an affidavit. And that became a lot harder to overlook.

I was at the inauguration in 2017 where all five of the Class of 2016 red team clean sweep were sworn in, Eric Greitens as Governor, Mike Parson as Lt. Gov., Josh Hawley as AG, Eric Schmitt as Treasurer, and Jay Ashcroft as SoS. I thought to myself then that Schmitt was the one who had the highest ceiling. I was wrong about that precisely, but it’s also not a surprise that Schmitt is (very likely) going to the United States Senate. And as of right now, the only one of those who is where they were on inauguration day in 2017 is Ashcroft. And now, Parson is most likely going to have to go shopping for another AG, and I see that the Treasurer that he put in Schmitt’s place when he moved Schmitt from Treasurer to AG after Hawley went to the Senate himself won the nomination for Auditor yesterday, and should he win in November, Parson will have to go shopping for a Treasurer again.

That’s a lot of turnover and deck shuffling in a mere six years.

Now from what I can see with the results yesterday, and combined with what I was able to glean in the months leading up to it, it came down to a point where the two Erics were the only real contenders. Neither Vicky Hartzler nor Billy Long ever had enough name rec outside their own districts to be able to rise above the level of dark horse semi-contenders. Long finished in third place in his own home county of Greene, to make matters worse for him. For Hartzler’s sake, she won most of the counties in her Congressional district, which was enough to slot her ahead of Greitens for second place when all the votes were counted. And Hawley endorsing her likely helped. (That, I’ll never be able to figure out.) But it wasn’t enough to give her any serious chance to win.

“But Blogmeister,” I can already hear the peanut gallery squak, “weren’t you….?”

Yep. Ten years ago this time. And just typing that makes me realize that it has already been ten years. That was the last time Missouri had a truly contentious Republican primary for U. S. Senate.

The difference then is that, if you were a Republican doing a statewide run from the previous vantage point of only ever having won a Congressional district, CD-2 (in the way it existed in the era of Missouri having nine Congressional districts) was the one you wanted to be from. Because it overlayed the most active and interested Republican voters in the state, and the most enthusiatic donors (and also the biggest donors). Too, Todd had statewide name recognition in sort of a “below ground” sense, mostly among conservative churches.

All in all, what happened yesterday is that Eric Schmitt was perceived as the safe choice, and once the fact that Mrs. Eric Greitens signed an affidavit sunk in, people gravitated to the safe choice. It’s just too bad that he’s going to do whatever Mitch McConnell wants and nothing more. Though as far as that goes, he’s going to be the perfect drop in replacement for Roy Blunt, who himself was the perfect drop in replacement for Kit Bond. Let’s just say that Schmitt isn’t going to make any waves, unlike his about-to-be Senate colleague from both the state and the Class of 2016.

Oh, and one more thing: Mark McCloskey, why did you even bother?


I wrote earlier this year that the two big acid tests to whether the Republican Party body politic in the United States is really changing were going to be J. D. Vance and Neil Kumar. Vance won and Kumar didn’t. But I should have added Blake Masters, who did win yesterday. What Vance and Masters had that Kumar did not was Peter Thiel’s money. And Peter Thiel isn’t playing with house money, which means he’s not going to burn money. Vance and Masters were in open races with no incumbent and with other candidates that weren’t too well funded by other sources, whilst Kumar had to face a Walmart-funded entrenched incumbent.

Other news from other states yesterday: I see that Kris Kobach is getting back into the ring, and he won the nomination for Kansas AG. As badly as Trump treated Jeff Sessions, I think his snubbing of Kobach was even more devastating. And the Never Trumper Impeacher Peter Meijer (Who I think is part of the family that owns the hypermarket chain) in western Michigan is out, at the hands of someone who looks like an age-progressed Rerun from “What’s Happening.”



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3 08 2022
Alright Dan

4 08 2022

Fred Berry (“Rerun”) was a St. Louis native.

3 08 2022
Hard Right

For the first time in thirtysome years, I didn’t bother to vote. Decided I really didn’t give a shit who won. Plus, Corona-Chan is still going around. Wasn’t worth the risk just to make a protest vote.

3 08 2022

Went with Schmitt. The one who can walk in a straight line. A known quantity.

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