CNN Level

6 08 2022

Austin, Texas

On the Alex Jones and Sandy Hook civil lawsuit judgment and verdict.

Going to start off with a prediction:

The public facing mainstream media platforms of major American multimedia corporations and conglomerates are gloating and spiking the football, now. But, don’t doubt me on this — Probably as you’re reading these words, the lawyers for these same corporations are already hard at work writing the legal briefs that will be submitted in the process of filing the appeal to this verdict in the hopes of getting it overturned. At the same time that CNN’s on-air personalities are popping bubbly, Warner Brothers’s C-suite lawyers want it overturned.

And I don’t think it’s hard to figure out why. If you can’t already figure it out, the rest of this post will have hints.

Now, onward and upward.

I might be misreading the matter, or I’m properly reading the analysis from people that are themselves misreading the matter. But the way I interpret it right now, if AJ actually sincerely believed that SH was a total hoax/false flag/crisis actors event, and he testified to such while under oath or deposition in the process of this suit, there would have been no legal path for the jury to find for the SH parents and against him. What turned out to be the tort was that he said it and knew he was deliberately saying something he didn’t believe, all to draw attention to himself, and of course to make money. And he had to confess as such during the process, because he was under oath. Prison if he lied. And there had to be a giant paper trail to prove that he didn’t actually believe it, that could have been easily discovered and used against him in a potential criminal perjury trial against him, if he would have claimed that he actually believed it.

To put it another way, the rub in this civil trial is not that AJ believed something so obviously crazy and virtually impossible, but he didn’t and claimed he did for clickbait and eventually for profit.

It might be tempting to think that one of the good things that will happen as a consequence of this trial is that it’s going to act as a future deterrent against the American right of the lamestream right’s not quite so desirable propensity to find a conspiracy in everything. Sometimes, in fact, usually, the cigar is just a cigar. Comma, Bill Clinton. The reason it can’t do that is, for what I wrote above, that if AJ said it because he actually believed it, that would not have been tortious.

No, what the real and hopefully positive fallout from this here will be is that it will put a kibosh on the clickbait industry. You know, “Why is my hot nude yoga class still hideously white?”

Like I said, hints.

In a way, provided this verdict stands, and I have my doubts it will, this will be some measure of earthly sweet justice for people like Jared Taylor, and my second son’s namesake (RIP), and all like them, and I have to throw myself into that mix, who have never wanted publicity, attention or fame so badly that they feel the need to say that a mass shooting that happened didn’t actually happen, or go out and do one themselves. For us, the only solace we can take is that we’ll get our flowers after we’re long gone. As it has happened for my second son’s namesake, that starting eleven years after his way too untimely departure and continuing to the present, he finally got the attention he deserved, while nobody remembers the lame boring uninspiring establishmentarian key pounders and talking heads that were his much more famous (i.e. establishment-peddled) contemporaries in life. Hell, the only reason anyone might remember William Safire a hundred years from now is that he wrote a backup version of Nixon’s Moon landing statement in case Apollo 11 failed and Armstrong, Collins and/or Aldrin died either on, near or around the Moon.

One more thing:

This verdict has sunk Alex Jones’s credibility so far that it’s almost down to CNN level.



2 responses

6 08 2022

I’m sure MSNBC and NBC are gloating.

But remember, as you read this, George Zimmerman is suing NBC.

And NBC’s selective editing clickbait has resulted in George Zimmerman almost getting murdered.

So, like I said, NBC and MSNBC celebrates, Comcast’s lawyers write the appeal, simultaneously.

6 08 2022

>But remember, as you read this, George Zimmerman is suing NBC.

? — in 2022?

I believe Zimmerman’s lawsuit against NBC for the doctored 911 call was dismissed years ago — which at the time I found absurd, since the editing was clearly malicious and intentional, designed to portray Zimmerman as a racist.

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