Rubicon, Crossed.

8 08 2022

West Palm Beach, Florida

And it only took 22 years from Rubicon to Empire the first time around. That means by 2044, things should shake out. I’ll probably live long enough to see it all transpire, and thankfully, from afar.

It’s all just a matter of names, dates and proper nouns, and seeing who is sitting in the last remaining chair after the music stops, seeing who gets to be the American analogue to Augustus. If the history holds, there will be at least one major assassination along the way.

Those interesting times referred to in a Chinese curse? We’re going to get our interesting times whether we want them or nah.

August 8, 2022, a day that shall live in infamy.


As an aside, today, August 9, 2022, is the eighth anniversary of the GENTILIVUS GIANTIVS of the Fergaza Strip purloining his ultimate cigarillo. That is what started the nearly three year era of this blog having its highest traffic and most attention, and me becoming something of a medium wheel in the Alt Right. Of course, that other day, almost three years later, ended that era. Because I ran the only frequently updated St. Louis-based (double entendre) and -focused Alt Right platform, and people obviously got interested in St. Louis starting eight years ago tomorrow night, I was well positioned to be that market’s only supplier. I was a monopoly. And a lot of people stuck around even after Ferguson cooled off, right until, well, that day. Not so much since then.

Like I have written here before, I was at the State Fair in Sedalia that day, and four something in the afternoon, I took a break to get in some shade and glance at the news on my sail foam, and I saw this story about a fatal officer involved shooting in Ferguson. Twenty-nine hours later, Ferguson instantly and forever changed from being a middle aged St. Louis suburb to international news and a permanent metaphor.



6 responses

9 08 2022

I should note that Olaf Scholz is still under investigation, and in fact, they’re getting closer to finding a smoking gun, from a scandal back from his days of mayor of Hamburg, that scandal is called Cum-Ex. I wonder if some cops will raid his house.

10 08 2022
David In TN

Waiting to see how it all shakes out. They’ve made Trump a martyr and a sympathetic figure.

I agree with Ann Coulter re Trump. He needs to shut up and go away. Trump is more useful to the cause that way. Trump’s ego may not allow this.

As Nicholas Stix has written, Trump is way too old anyway.

10 08 2022
David In TN

Re the crossing, it looks like Trump is going to be indicted for something.

The charges will be tailored to fit the occasion and are being brought by Trump’s political opponents. The projected trial will take place in Washington D.C.

11 08 2022

An improperly stapling paperwork rap.

Won’t prevent what is inevitable.

Augustus ’44.

14 08 2022

Hardly anything would be different in a long enough run, the only difference would have been slightly moved up or back time frames and different names, dates and proper nouns.

29 08 2022

It will be more like low level long track guerilla warfare than quintessential rioting.

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