Remember This Word

10 08 2022

Los Angeles

If you read my social feeds, then you already know the word.

When I split the goalposts between the black pill and the white pill, and between extreme conspiratorialism and extreme anti-conspiratorialism, and between extreme cynicism and extreme optimism, I come up with some accurate predictions.

I think it was maybe as early as 2006, but definitely before 2010, that I saw coming down the pike, and outright predicted, that it was going to get to a point that people would be in more legal trouble for calling the cops than actually committing the offense which caused the cops to be called, and that the imperative would be social justice-y and equity-y in one way or another. That has certainly come to pass, to wit: The Central Park bird watcher, and all the fallout from it, including several states passing laws.

Now, with that out of the way, I want you all to remember this word:


Next step: Read this story, then come back.

Good, you came back, at least. You didn’t abandon me.

Now let’s mash it all together.

Geofencing (for the purpose of limiting the speed of automobiles within the geofenced area, and of course cars will be made to have the ability to receive and obey geofences), will happen, no matter how much you or I or anyone else whines, whales, bitches, moans, sues, protests or agitates. It’s because of stories like the one you just read. More generally, it will be because of increasingly wild driving on the part of jubilant blacks in the United States who no longer have to fear getting a traffic ticket because George Floyd. And on this continent, it will be because of the Truck Drivers of Peace (“We’re driving down the road in the Truck of Peace, you never know who we’ll run into today” — SyeTen), who slam on the gas after misinterpreting that liberal egalitarian religious book called the Koran.

In fact, it was two months ago that I mentioned here the very story which got the mainstream German media, especially FAZ, to start floating the geofencing trial balloon, as if to get people prepared for it. Here, the term is at first spelled out as “Geografische Einzäunung,” or “Geografischer Zaun,” but then they subsequently use the English language term.

And on top of all that, I’ve just seen this movie too many times before. Most theoretical proposals that people initially resist for privacy concerns wind up actually being implemented because something happens that does or seems to override all those concerns.

Ten to twenty years down the line. Mark me.



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10 08 2022

Speaking of, seventh century has been pretty quiet lately. They’re overdue for something big, a yuge bigly outbreak of peacefulness.

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