Ready For My Closeup

11 08 2022

Washington, D.C.

We’re now within three months of midterm election day.

I’ve been working on this thought for awhile, and I think I’ve given it all the spit shine and polish I need to present it to the world and for the record:

If the red team doesn’t do as well as the median of the legit predictions, then it will be for two reasons and two reasons alone:

Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell.

In other words, people realizing that probably the two most singularly undeserving people in the United States would most benefit from all this new pop-nat-right energy, and those two people would then proceed to run it into the ground.

That would be what makes the difference between an extinction-level event and just a mere landslide, or between a landslide and some gains, however the case will work out.



4 responses

11 08 2022
David In TN

Today (Thursday) Garland said, “I approved the search so shut up.”

12 08 2022

He must be jealous of Nancy Antifaeser, and trying to one-up her.

12 08 2022
David In TN

Jim Goad has a piece ( at Counter-Currents on Trump post-raid.

Goad points out Trump’s self-absorption and asks why we should think Trump will do if elected again what he didn’t do when he had the pen and phone?

As we’ve already observed, Trump is way too old anyway.

13 08 2022
Hard Right

I never would’ve figured you for reading Groomer-Currents. They still shilling for Catboyz First over there?

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