Michael Collins

22 08 2022

Bealnablath, Ireland

Today is the centennial of his assassination.

Germans and Irish maintain a mutual admiration, mainly because they have a common traditional adversary. So today’s centennial is being well noted and observed here in Ye Olde Bundesrepublik. And in a few hours, I’ll be going to a low key get together for the purpose.

Sad how it turned out in the long run. Ole Micky went through all that just for the Irish capital to become a suburb of Kinshasa.

If it’s any eternal consolation, Micky, so have parts of London.

Other notable anniversaries this month: The 30th of Ruby Ridge (yesterday), the 25th of Princess Diana’s death (the 31st), and yes, I saw the exact spot in April, and the centennial of the official adoption of “Deutschlandlied,” aka “Deutschland, Deutschland Über Alles,” as the official German national anthem (the 11th). Yes, you read that right, it wasn’t during the Empire or the Nazis, it was during Weimar. So many people think that a song with the original lyric “Germany over everything in the world” was a Nazi invention to animate its expansionist imperative, and most of those who know that’s not true think that it was an Imperial-era imperative to emphasize German unity over the long tradition of smaller entities.



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22 08 2022
David In TN

Eamon de Valera, president of Ireland, was bitterly criticized in Britain and America for refusing to declare war on Nazi Germany in WW II. Churchill entreated him several times but de Valera declined, including after Pearl Harbor.

The policy of neutrality was overwhelmingly approved by the population of Ireland.

22 08 2022

Of course, I forgot. He was reincarnated eight years later and eventually was part of the Apollo 11 crew.


22 08 2022
Alright Dan

Check this out. It must be from some movie about his life. This has to be the assassination scene and moment. Look at the headline display that the assassins pretending to be paper boys are around.

23 08 2022

This is obviously some movie that’s a deliberate mix of fact and fiction. It’s because MC wasn’t assassinated in any city, and, such as it is, no Irish city in 1922 or 2022 looked or looks like that. MC was assassinated on a country road, about 18 miles WSW of Cork. The town that serves as the geographical byline for this post, Bealnablath, is just a wide spot on the road slash five way junction of roads. GSV shows it, and it’s really nothing more than a gas station, a pub, a house or two, and that’s it. GSV will also take you south along the very road right to the spot where it happened, and also it shows the memorial, that’s about two-thirds of a mile south of the “town.”

24 08 2022

I was remiss not to answer the other part.

The Weimar Constipation allowed for emergency declarations and emergency powers. Everybody knows about one particular use of those provisions. But even before that, they were invoked several times, mainly because of the combination of serious economic and political instability.

In August 1922, that was when inflation was really starting to pick up, peaking in 1923. The wheelbarrows. My father-in-law has a couple of pieces of corporate scrip framed and hanging on his office wall, because the Mark obviously became a joke’s joke joke, and various very large German corporations issued corporate scrip to serve temporarily as something of a credible medium of exchange, at that time.

In June 1922, Walter Rathenau, who was the Foreign Minister for most of 1922 to that point, was assassinated, at the hands of those who were angry that he pretty much normalized relations between the Republic and by then solidly Soviet/-izing Russia.

I can look it up later. But if the emergency provisions were invoked at all in the summer of 1922 or August 1922, it was because of the fears of a coup in the aftermath of the Rathenau assassination. Either that, or the politicians who did it used it as an excuse just to be able to jerk and jolly off on the power it gave them. That the situation wasn’t really that desperate. Then again, that’s probably true for every time the emergency provisions were triggered, including the most in-/famous and final time.

So, it wasn’t that Germany was “under martial law” in the classic sense of the phrase in August 1922. If there is any truth to that part in this movie, it’s that the emergency powers provision was invoked at that time.

23 08 2022

We just passed the 30th anniversary of PJB’s famous Culture War speech at the 1992 RNC. A speech which today seems like it was underselling the situation and needed to be way more cynical.


23 08 2022

And of course, this question always comes up.

And usually, the answer stays the same:

Virtually nothing would have been different but for the assassination (attempted or successful), or less than timely death.

See also: Caesar, Lincoln, Ferdinand, JFK, MLK, RFK, George Wallace, George Floyd.

It’s because, by the time the assassination or untimely death happens, really big and heavy societal, cultural and political momentum has already started. Such that everything that happens from there on out is merely a matter of names, dates and proper nouns. The assassination is almost always an effect of this greater momentum, not the cause of it.


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