Diminishing Marginal Wokeness

25 08 2022

Washington, D.C.

A little bit of political psychology is in order here.

I’ll try to keep this as simple as possible.

For a long time, what was/has been/is called official history education and the official history canon in the pre-university or pre-tertiary years (“K-12” in American parlance) in the Western world has been almost nothing more than the hagiography of the forces that successfully ended slavery, segregation/apartheid/Jim Crow/caste systems, colonialism, fascism, and official white supremacy.

This brainwashing is so intense that so many young people walk away from it concluding that, in the absence of any individual one of them having rare world-beating talents, the only way to become a hero in life and potentially for history is to do something which ends one or more of these things.

Problem is, these things don’t exist anymore.

How can you help to end something that has already ended?

Easy — You have to work yourself into believing that something that is currently happening in society that is plainly and obviously not one of those things is one of those things. Then you get to work. If and when you succeed, everyone will congratulate you as if you were the people that you learned to lionize back in history class.

The fancy name for this is “diminishing marginal returns.”

This is why, for example, Antifa love to clobber 80-year olds carrying Heritage Foundation signs. It’s because they sincerely believe that Heritage Foundation ideology is fascism. Antifa by the facial reactionary definition of its very name needs fascism to exist. Can’t be Antifa without the Fa. And by beating up the lamercon octogenarian, they get to become heroes for stopping literally Hitler.

Since real colonial empires don’t exist anymore, the way to end colonialism today is to pretend that having to learn Beethoven when studying music in a Western university is colonialism. Since segregation in the United States doesn’t exist anymore, the way to end segregation is to pretend that black people willingly living among themselves is segregation. Since Jim Crow doesn’t exist anymore, the way to end Jim Crow is to pretend that requiring photo ID to vote and imprisoning black men for having committed violent crimes are Jim Crow. Since apartheid doesn’t exist anymore, the way to end apartheid is to pretend that a small farming community of Afrikaners in the middle of nowhere is apartheid. Since official white supremacy doesn’t exist anymore, the way to oppose white supremacy is to pretend that being on time and doing arithmetic correctly and speaking English correctly and the preference for long stringy hair in women are white supremacy.

And since slavery doesn’t exist anymore, the way to oppose slavery is to pretend that prison inmates being put to work is slavery.

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5 responses

26 08 2022
David In TN

And, of course, a good many self-described “conservatives” go along with much of this. One of the most prominent Never Trumpers, who used to live close to me is a museum species example.

27 08 2022
David In TN

George Orwell said something like, “Fascism is used as an epithet rather than a specific charge.”

Biden is now “officially” calling his opposition “semi-fascists.” Republicans and “conservatives” also use the word, describing the Mar-a-Lago raid as “fascist.”

I’ve noticed for years “fascist” is used when “communist” would be more accurate.

27 08 2022

If there is such a thing as semi-fascism, does this mean there is such a group as Antisemifa?

27 08 2022
David In TN

I think Biden and his handlers felt “semi-fascist” is as far as he can go for now.

5 09 2022

Since German fascism doesn’t exist anymore, the way to fight German fascism in Germany is to add asterisks to nouns. You’d have to be here to grok.

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