There’s Just No Other Way to Put It

2 09 2022


The person of Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr., is trying to get the person of Donald John Trump assassinated.

One slight little baby step from demanding it in plain English, and two from actually doing it with his own hands.



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2 09 2022
David In TN

I lived through the assassinations of the 60s. There is more to unpack on the subject than I can for now. Each resulted in martyrdom for the victim.

Trump would become a martyr. The “movement” is bigger than Trump. It wouldn’t go away if Trump died of a heart attack tomorrow.

4 09 2022

Because I’m making so many Roman history analogies relating to all this, there’s one really easy word to describe this speech:


4 09 2022
Hard Right

Biden speech denouncing Trump, ‘MAGA ideology’ sparks threats, calls for violence

President Biden’s fiery speech in Philadelphia denouncing former President Donald Trump and what he described as “extreme MAGA ideology” has sparked online calls for violence, including death threats against the president, according to documents obtained by Yahoo News.

Biden’s remarks also prompted immediate concerns from senior counterterrorism officials who said they fear that calling Trump supporters extremists would be viewed as a call to arms and would only inflame an already volatile threat environment.

Site Intelligence Group, which tracks online extremism activity, issued several threat alerts detailing calls for violence in response to Biden’s speech. The potential threats were posted in online forums tied to the Proud Boys, neo-Nazis and other extremist groups.

4 09 2022
David In TN

I now agree with Ann Coulter’s view of Trump. She explained (again) a few days ago why Trump is finished. Ann also says the Mar-a-Lago raid was designed to keep Trump’s name in the headlines, right where the Left wants it.

There is a recent article ( in TAS how Palin lost in Alaska, first congressional loss for the GOP in 50 years, along with other indications the Red Wave may not be coming.

Ann Coulter observes the GOP is refusing to mention crime, immigration, etc.

The author, Daniel J. Flynn, describes how Trump’s “rallies” are for himself only. The one before the two Georgia Senatorial elections in January 2021 had Trump whining “I won by a landslide,” and saying nothing about the two GOP candidates on the platform, who of course lost giving the Dems the Senate.

Trump had another self-celebrating “rally” last night in Pennsylvania.

7 09 2022
Hard Right

Biden speech is ‘dangerous escalation,’ most Americans say – poll

More than half of Americans believe that President Joe Biden’s September 1 speech in Philadelphia was a “dangerous escalation” of political rhetoric, designed to “incite conflict” in the US. Republicans and independents are overwhelmingly alarmed by Biden’s words, and even 18% of Democrats agree, according to a poll published Tuesday by the Trafalgar Group.

Standing before Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Biden used Thursday’s televised speech to claim that “equality and democracy are under assault” by “MAGA Republicans” led by his predecessor Donald Trump.

According to the Trafalgar survey, 56.8% of the Americans saw the speech as “a dangerous escalation in rhetoric and is designed to incite conflict amongst Americans,” while 35.5% said it was “acceptable campaign messaging that is expected in an election year.”

8 09 2022
Hard Right

Compare and contrast Communist coverage of this poll with Russian bot coverage above

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Days after Democratic President Joe Biden gave a fiery speech attacking former President Donald Trump and his Republican allies as an extremist threat, a Reuters/Ipsos poll completed on Wednesday found a majority of Americans believe Trump’s movement is undermining democracy.

Fifty-eight percent of respondents in the two-day poll – including one in four Republicans – said Trump’s “Make America Great Again” movement is threatening America’s democratic foundations.

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