5 09 2022


Meanwhile, in this month alone, Italy, the Czech Republic and Sweden will all be holding major national elections where the pop-nat-right sector(s) in all three are expected to make major gains, and then some in the case of Italy.

By the end of this week, I’ll know if I’ll be able to make the time to go to Rome that weekend, the 24th and 25th, to see history in the making:



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5 09 2022

This is now the second Swedish national election that has happened since I made the trans-Atlantic move. The one four years ago happened about a week and a half after I touched down. Meaning I’ve now lived here “permanently” for four years.

6 09 2022

“But but but, if women ran the world, there would never be any war.”

6 09 2022
David In TN

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this ridiculous trope, usually by a male feminist.

When women (Elizabeth I of England, Elizabeth of Russia, Catherine the Great, Maria Theresa) ruled centuries ago they made war and operated the same way as men.

I once read that Elizabeth I was a master of diplomacy which in her time was mainly “trickery and double dealing.”

Frederick the Great is said to have railed about Tsarina Elizabeth and Empress Maria Theresa as “those damned women.”

6 09 2022

You know my bon mot.

If women ruled the world, then total nuclear Armageddon would happen because “bitch stole my husband” or “last year’s shoes, seriously?” or “she looks fat in that dress.”

8 09 2022
Hard Right

Truss beefs up defence budget in show of force to Putin – Ukraine has ‘no greater ally’

LIZ TRUSS has vowed to increase defence spending from 2.2 percent to three percent of GDP as she identifies priorities within hours of her appointment as Prime Minister.

7 09 2022

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