11 09 2022

Lower Manhattan

The contradictory nature of this day, that has existed since practically the day after it happened, is that the ruling class wants us not to forget, and also wants us not to remember, at the same time.



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11 09 2022

All the first responders, who rushed into a scene that was caused by some people doing something after misinterpreting an otherwise progressive egalitarian religious book. Which eventually necessitated, among other things, a war against a man and country that had absolutely nothing to do with it. And also more immigration and more preening lectures against racial profiling.

11 09 2022
David In TN

Bush 43 used the occasion to increase “immigration” by the type of people who perpetrated the attack.

As if right on cue, the neocon magazines, media talking heads, radio talk show hosts, etc. started beating the drums for invasion of Iraq. National Review and The Weekly Standard led the way.

Rush Limbaugh said a day or two after, “Saddam Hussein did it.”

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